Customer experience platforms

Customer experience (CX) platforms drive conversion and keep customers coming back for more. Searching for information, products and services, assessing specifications, reviewing delivery options; each stage is an opportunity to attract customers and keep them on track to buy from your company. This is exactly why your customer experience platform should provide you with the power to orchestrate individual experiences at every touchpoint.

In a digital landscape now defined by omnichannel customer experiences, the need for intuitive, multifaceted platforms is inescapable. Falling behind competitors who have agile architecture and seamless, speedy tech, comes with a risk of losing even the most loyal customers.

A specialist agency like DEPT® can help you to select and optimise the right platform to meet your business goals and exceed customer needs. We’ve supported countless brands in identifying the most valuable software and leveraging technology to create incredible customer experiences.

Customer experience platform selection

DEPT® takes an independent approach to customer experience platform selection, advising companies on how to find the optimal tool aligned to their needs. 

There are a host of digital CX software platforms available, both on-cloud and on-premise, for managing customer interactions and helping to build brand loyalty. No one tool will be suitable for everyone, so we take the time to understand your objectives, current processes and business offering in order to decide on the tech that will be most beneficial for you.

Working with an experienced CX agency gives you the benefit of harnessing tried-and-tested strategies, drawing on learnings and templates for success from various businesses who already have the right tools in place. DEPT® has a wealth of knowledge working with the biggest providers, including Salesforce, Sitecore, Optimizely and Adobe, amongst many others. 

We’ll help you select and implement the customer experience platform or stack to deliver next-level engagement with your brand, which feels frictionless at every step. Move beyond inflexible legacy systems and embrace the future of innovation, with technology that lets you test new ideas and adapt quickly to changing customer behaviour.

Experience optimisation

As the digital landscape evolves, customers increasingly expect convenient, personalised experiences, fully tailored to their interests. Using AI, data analysis and dynamic content, our data science and development teams can deliver that one-to-one experience users are seeking. 

This personalisation expands across every digital touchpoint, including live chat and direct messaging, creating an extensive, bespoke experience for each interaction with your brand.

As more customers engage across your digital estate, your brand gains a deeper understanding of what drives their behaviour. By constantly reviewing how visitors navigate your channels, understanding their common actions and most visited pages, we can continuously improve their experience.
DEPT® was tasked by KFC to craft an industry-leading customer experience and enhance the buying journey both in-person and online. Bringing together behaviour insights from customer research with the most-loved aspects of brand identity, we introduced new customisable features, such as inspirational recommendations and the ability to reorder. We also built a brand new mobile app that joined up the online and in-person experience, from pick-up to drive thru.

Specialist CX agency

At DEPT®, we connect technology to your customer strategy. We build customer experience platforms that enable your brand to deliver an engaging, best-in-class experience that lives and breathes your brand identity, brings customers closer to the checkout, and accelerates loyalty.

If you want to give customers the memorable moments they crave, and surpass expectations in the modern age of exceptional online experiences, we have the expertise and experience to take your brand into the future.

Get in touch today to find out how DEPT® can help you to choose and build the right platforms for your business.


Global SVP Technology & Engineering

Jonathan Whiteside