DEPT® is a Kontent.ai Premium Partner, ready to help you to deliver exceptional omnichannel experiences.

The modular content platform

Kontent.ai is the modular content platform that gives power to marketing and engineering teams to create, organise, and reuse valuable content. From planning to execution, the entire content workflow is managed in the secure, cloud-based platform. 

The headless CMS puts users in complete control. Whether that’s control over operational content delivery or ensuring every experience is consistent and relevant across all channels, Kontent.ai gives businesses the tools to make their goals a reality.

Omnichannel, personalised delivery

Kontent.ai enables brands to distribute content across a multitude of channels, whether that be your website, social media, a chatbot or new channels that will inevitably crop up; content is always future-ready. Create your content once, deliver and reuse. It’s really that simple. 

Engage visitors throughout their entire journey by delivering contextually relevant content at the right time by using granular categorisations, global content delivery and flexible integrations. Create tailored messaging to speak to your customers and show that you truly understand them.

Key features

01 Compatible with any technology stack
Content is delivered through structured APIs, which means you can use your chosen technologies to build experiences. This approach also allows you to add, remove or replace services whenever required.

02 Headless approach
Content is created and saved without formatting – allowing it to fit any design you wish. The perfect approach to future-proof your content as channels evolve over time.

03 Cloud-based SaaS
No need to worry about performance issues or system downtime, Kontent.ai is a true cloud service offering a global footprint and high availability.

04 Scalable & Secure
Your data is in safe hands. With enterprise-grade scale and security Kontent.ai can manage projects of any size all whilst keeping your data secure. 

The DEPT® approach

By combining Kontent.ai’s technology solutions with DEPT®’s creativity and data, we have the power to help organisations to accelerate.

Our in-house experts have years of experience working with a wide range of technology. Our team can support the technical aspects of implementing a CMS as well as creating digital experiences and setting up organisational processes to ensure your execution of Kontent.ai is a success. 

Plus, as a fully integrated digital agency, DEPT® are with you at every step of the process, whether that’s help with branding or SEO, we’re here beyond the deployment of the CMS.

Kontent.ai x ADA/DASH

Kontent.ai is now integrated with ADA/DASH, our website accelerator that provides the building blocks for modern, headless marketing and e-commerce sites. By using best-of-breed tools and frameworks out-of-the-box, less time is wasted on duplicative tasks and more time spent creating an exceptional experience. Explore ADA/DASH


Global SVP Technology & Engineering

Jonathan Whiteside