The Crownpeak digital experience platform is truly cloud-native – built for providing scalable and secure websites.

A headless de-coupled platform

Integrate with all your existing applications and tools, and deliver trust-building, privacy experiences that are brand consistent and web compliant – on all devices to all users.

Crownpeak Digital Experience Manager (DXM) is an enterprise-level, cloud-native content management system. DXM provides all the multi-site, multi-language, collaboration features you expect, combined with a fast time-to-market and a flexible, headless deployment system. Being cloud-native means DXM is always up to date with the latest features and security and never needs to be upgraded.

Crownpeak takes its headless core and layers additional capabilities designed for enterprises on top to help you maximise effectiveness across your digital presence. Model your content needs, create content assets from those models, populate content into your assets using any number of WYSIWYG layouts to make sure content fits and looks great, and distribute that content. Optionally, you can even decide which pieces of content get delivered and when, across any device.

Privacy UX is a new way to approach privacy. By incorporating customer experience best practices and human-centered design into the privacy experience, you can meet customer expectations, build trust, and strengthen customer lifetime all while remaining compliant with global privacy laws.

Crownpeak is an excellent choice for compliance-conscious businesses. Create consent experiences for your website that comply with the consent requirements of the GDPR, CCPA, and other global privacy laws through a single unified platform. With flexible controls, you can leverage consent APIs and create optimised consent experiences that build trust with your audience and fit seamlessly into your overall web and customer experience.

Crownpeak’s content delivery services have been engineered for speed, scalability, resiliency, and availability. It leverages Amazon’s Content Distribution Network (CDN) technologies (CloudFront) to ensure your audience gets rapid experiences no matter where they are in the world.

The DEPT® way

At DEPT®, we combine creativity and data with technological solutions such as Crownpeak to help organisations grow and accelerate. Below are five reasons why DEPT® is the ideal partner to get the most out of Crownpeak:

Crownpeak Professional Partner

Our developers are certified on Crownpeak technology and optimally equipped to create great digital experiences.

Experienced and successful

We have been working successfully with a wide range of technology leaders for many years. With our experience in diverse sectors, we help a wide range of customers to embrace digital.

Full approach

Digital growth does not stop with the successful deployment of Crownpeak. As a fully integrated digital agency, we also support SEO, creative campaigns, e-commerce, strategy and organisation, branding, data intelligence and more to help your organisation grow and develop.

Widely deployable

Our teams have broad experience in both the technical aspects of a CMS as well as in setting up the organisational processes to use Crownpeak successfully. Besides projects, we can also temporarily strengthen an existing team with our specialists.

In-house experts

Our years of expertise in designing experiences, expandable architecture and integration of technology is not something we want to keep to ourselves. We share our knowledge as Crownpeak experts in our in-depth blogs in which we tackle practical challenges

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