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Why technology isn’t the key to digital thinking

Jonathan Whiteside
Jonathan Whiteside
Global SVP Technology & Engineering
2 min read
21 October 2014

‘Thinking digitally’ as an organisation may be on-trend right now, but what does it actually mean? Implementing new technology to help you compete more effectively and operate more efficiently?


The reality is that technology isn’t the first thing you need to look at when thinking digitally. In fact, there are four steps to consider before you even catch a whiff of a technology solution.

DEPT® has designed and built a vast number of digital solutions over the years, however it’s not just because we understand technology that we have successful outcomes; it’s because we work with our clients to understand and help define their business strategy, and what they are looking to achieve in the years ahead.

Through understanding the way our clients work and their operational processes, we are able to recommend ways of achieving their objectives. Believe me, the answer isn’t always through introducing technology.

Five steps to digital thinking

Here are the key steps we recommend you undertake before considering technology solutions.

  • The team and cross-functional departments feel that they have been involved in creating their own futures, providing ongoing buy-in to both the project and business objectives.
  • Increase empathy for your customers’ experience.
  • Ensure that everyone is ‘on the same page’.
  • Help teams make better strategic decisions, with stakeholder support.
  • Define and support synergies in department strategies.
  • Aid cross-functional team development, understanding and learning.
  • Reduce conflicts and silos.
  • Generate enthusiasm and positive energy towards the project.
  • Create ownership and commitment from the internal teams.

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