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DEPT® becomes reseller of Google Cloud and Google Marketing Platform

Lizzie Powell
Lizzie Powell
Managing Director, Design & Technology UK
2 min read
3 April 2020

Digital agency DEPT® has become a reseller of both Google Cloud and the Google Marketing Platform. The versatility and capacity of these Google products combine perfectly, enabling DEPT® to service its clients in the EMEA region even better and more efficiently.

Following a thorough process, DEPT® has become a reseller of Google Cloud and the Google Marketing Platform: a platform consisting of tools such as Google Analytics 360, Display & Video 360, Search Ads 360, and Google Optimize 360. Part of this process involved a pitch to Google featuring various client cases.

“For DEPT®, this new status as a reseller is a real milestone in our Google partnership,“ says Dimi Albers, CEO of DEPT®. “We’re distinguishing ourselves even more as the digital agency of the future, and we’re showing that we establish strong partnerships, assist our clients extensively and that we understand data and media like no other.” 

Cristian van Nispen, Head of Data & Intelligence at DEPT®, clarifies the more extensive client service: “With DEPT® as a reseller, clients can get their own Google license, which turns them into the owner of all their data and enables them to control their technology stack. Consequently, this can provide a financial benefit to the client as they are less dependent on third parties.” 

The motivation to carve out an ambitious position in the market has been evident for quite some time already. DEPT® finds that the Google Cloud Solutions that are utilised for clients strengthen the use of the Google Marketing Platform. They act as a catalyst.

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