Byte creates web-based AR experience for Middlesex University

Valerie Lalonde
Valerie Lalonde
Head of PR
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Byte (part of Dept) has created an innovative ‘Map Your Future’ Augmented Reality (AR) experience for Middlesex University offerees. The initiative is part of a strategy to encourage prospective students to accept their place at the university. The web-based AR experience, which is available from 21 May, lets offerees explore their future with Middlesex University.

‘Map Your Future’ starts with a piece of direct mail that is art-directed like a travel card. Once the direct mail’s QR code is scanned via a smartphone, offerees are greeted by pop up arrows that point in several directions, each taking users to a different virtual room that represents a specific area of university life.

The four rooms span careers, student life, support, and studies. The student life room, for example, lets users explore what their student union is like and points out what types of events, diverse range of societies Middlesex has to offer.

Lauren Chester, senior lead tech planner at Byte, said: “Using web AR, world tracking and 3D models of virtual rooms, prospective Middlesex students can find out what the university has to offer by bringing the campus to life from the comfort of their own bedroom. Not only does this show that Middlesex University is a future-facing organisation, it’s also a great way for the university to make a powerfully emotional connection with prospective students. The experience is a great example of how AR tells a story like no other platform can, while simultaneously exciting the user.”


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Head of PR

Valerie Lalonde

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