Transforming a digital platform into an inspirational showroom

A new website hosted on two different platforms for over 65 countries in 19 languages and 39 currencies. That’s what DEPT® accomplished for BoConcept, the Danish retail furniture brand. Together, we created a scalable solution built on Sales Commerce Cloud and integrated with Sitecore, while also redesigning the brand’s website.

Building a global
e-commerce platform

BoConcept stands for 60 years of Danish design tradition. The brand offers highly customisable design furniture and accessories. With more than 300 stores in over 65 countries, they are a true global brand. The brand wanted to elevate its e-commerce webshop experience, so they turned to DEPT® to make it a reality. We helped them enhance their existing e-commerce platform by transforming it into a digital showroom which shows the brand’s full range of items and endless customisation options, in addition to inspirational content. 

Translating an offline shopping experience into a virtual one

Using Salesforce Commerce Cloud to enable an omni-channel experience

The requirements for this project were complex as the Danish brand wanted an e-commerce platform which demonstrated the numerous customisation options available to clients while also supporting and directing people towards their franchise stores for fulfilment and support through a specially tailored checkout process. Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) was chosen as the best platform to act as a core for the brand’s new website.

Because BoConcept offers an enormous amount of customisation options for each product – from colour and fabric choices to leg height and texture options – our team worked closely with Salesforce to create custom product configurators for product detail pages which empower the user to experience BoConcept’s furniture offerings the best way possible.

Combining SFCC and Sitecore to better guide the customer through the sales funnel

The company’s previous website was hosted on Sitecore and as BoConcept employees continuously wrote and published branded content, they asked us to merge both systems and ensure they worked and cooperated together without the end-user noticing. So, while keeping the website online the entire time, we helped coordinate the seamless integration of both platforms. 

We used a reverse proxy to ensure both systems worked on the same domain. Additionally, selected page sections in Commerce Cloud were implemented in a manner which enabled the information to be shared with Sitecore. Thus, those dynamic elements are available to both platforms from a single source.

A brand refresh inspired by its Nordic roots

While one of our teams worked on the integration process, another tackled the brand’s website design. When a customer enters a BoConcept store, they are immersed in an exceptional world of design where modern and high-quality furniture awaits to be discovered and bought. We wanted to translate these feelings to the brand’s new website while also demonstrating the customisation of each product. To do this, we combined the company’s Nordic roots and values which reflected the trendiness of BoConcept’s furniture. We also included more inspirational branded content to illustrate the brand’s products in action. 

A lego-like design framework which ensured adaptability

To work in the most efficient way possible, we created a modular design framework which had multiple lego-like components which could easily be assembled, implemented and edited depending on the purpose of the webpage. This enabled us to edit existing pages and create new ones which use similar components are other pages. Thus, ensuring the brand’s visual identity stayed the same throughout the site. These e-commerce templates also allow the brand to later easily duplicate or edit pages if needed.

Bringing the offline shopping experience to the online world

Within a few months, our close collaboration with BoConcept enabled us to elevate the brand’s existing website to a contemporary, responsive online platform which resembles a digital showroom. The platform illustrates the numerous personalisation options available to the client and offers guidance and inspirational content one cannot get in-store. The furniture label can now provide customised digital shopping experiences in a setting that represents the high-quality standards of BoConcept in over 65 countries and in 19 languages.


Principal Digital Consultant, Design & Technology

Katy White

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