Hyva goes global with Optimizely

Hyva is a leading provider of efficient transport solutions for commercial vehicles and the environmental services industry. Hyva turned to DEPT® to help it develop a new global website to service 30 countries and 17 languages. Its new site has enabled Hyva to successfully promote its international presence and innovation, instilling its diverse offering and tailored solutions worldwide.

Synergising design and technical innovation

A portfolio for every country

Hyva had three main goals fundamental to its future success: the website must offer lead generation; maintain and promote brand awareness; and provide exceptional service in every region where the company operates. With this in mind, DEPT® delivered a website that bridged the  geographical divide between company and customer by developing a unique customer journey in every country Hyva operates.

Structure is paramount

For a company and website of this size to achieve success, the technical architecture and structure is paramount. DEPT® developed a strategy, site structure and routing paths which determined the sitemap framework. SEO specialists worked with UX designers to develop the most effective content. 

Optimzely was selected as the CMS of choice. Optimizely eliminates the need for heavy upgrades, as it has moved away from major and minor versioning.  Additionally, it is a developer-focused platform, meaning any issues can be dealt with swiftly. Optimizely is a PaaS solution which is a solid system and a .NET platform which means it configures extremely well, down to the smallest of details.

The power of commerce

Time and care were taken to understand the product profile for an effective UX strategy. This was necessary in order to make the different levels of the Hyva range clear. DEPT® implemented the latest versions of Optimizely and Optimizely Commerce to provide clear, concise product pages, landing pages and strong URLs that are configured to the highest standards of modern SEO. 

The Optimizely servers and its cloud provide the website hosting. DEPT® provides support to Hyva’s content managers for ease of content development and rendering. Optimizely Commerce also allows DEPT® to support in the assistance of creating a catalog of products.

Hyva.com unveiled

Hyva.com, is presently live in 30 countries, available in 17 languages and geo-tagged precisely to the language and location of the user. Hyva’s global homepage boasts versatility through its function as a portal to each country’s product portfolio, eliminating customer confusion while, at the same time, driving leads, accurate data and, ultimately, generating sales. With its Optimizely-powered site, Hyva has successfully accelerated its digital business.


Head of Back End Development

Andrew Blyth

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