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Hyper-personalised YouTube marketing

Increase brand awareness
Landing page views

Founded over 120 years ago, Škoda Auto, a Czech-based automobile manufacturer, has produced millions of cars. When the company launched its Škoda Fabia, it recognised the need to increase brand awareness and loyalty in the Swiss market. So Dept, together with the communications agency DD COM, created and implemented a global YouTube campaign for the car brand.

Hyper-personalised videos

Google Director Mix enables marketers to hyper-personalise images, sounds and text in a video to the physical environment of various target groups. So our team of experts leveraged this tool to create different variants of one video. We started by creating different target groups and categorising them. Next, we developed different combinations of one video by rearranging the sequence, text and audio. This resulted in the creation of 150 different videos in three different languages which can be used for YouTube advertising. 

The results

One idea. 150 variants. Each personalised for a certain customer segment. Our approach to this campaign enabled Škoda’s video marketing to scale and reach a wide range of different target groups with individualised YouTube TrueView ads. Overall, we achieved a best-in-class lift in brand awareness of 6.4% for Skoda. 

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