From start-up to the UK’s most used fitness app

Doing a workout of your preference whenever you want, wherever you want. A dream for many. Thanks to Fiit, this dream has become a reality for many fitness beginners and enthusiasts. Since launching as a start-up with a unique business plan, it has grown to be the most used fitness app in the UK. How did they get there? DEPT® gave them a little push in the right direction.

Making fitness accessible to everyone, everywhere

Fiit is a fitness app with the goal to make the world’s best fitness classes accessible to everyone, everywhere. From intensive HIIT workouts to peaceful yoga classes – the app offers it all. To measure its success, Fiit depends on free trials. But in the highly competitive fitness app market, how can you stand out?

The idea and business plan were there, but the company still needed a well-defined digital marketing strategy to reach its goals. This is where DEPT® came into play. We joined forces to help Fiit with their social, search and affiliate strategies.

Our way of working

Social is key

Entering the world of TikTok

Paid search and affiliate marketing

Taking over the UK

Together with Fiit, we set up marketing strategies that have shown incredible results, with the indication that Fiit is taking over the UK when it comes to the world of fitness:

  • Most downloaded fitness app in the UK
  • Most used fitness app in the UK
  • Highest 30 day retention rate in the UK

What’s next?

Being the most used fitness app in the UK has brought Fiit one step closer to reaching its goal. But, this incredible result is not where Fiit’s journey ends. 

We will continue working closely together with Fiit to launch their hardware products by moving into e-commerce, while investigating possibilities to roll-out in  more countries and move them towards becoming the most used fitness app worldwide.


Managing Director, Marketing Technology UK

Ali Mcclintock

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