Andermatt Swiss Alps

Building an immersive digital experience for an alpine destination

DEPT®’s relaunch of the Andermatt Swiss Alps website resulted in an online presence that provides targeted information and inspiration—now also in 3D.

A mountain village in transition

Andermatt is a Swiss mountain village on its way to becoming a prime alpine destination. The emerging Andermatt Reuss district and the expansion of the infrastructure offer space for new, visionary living space. The community settling in Andermatt is supporting and helping to shape this effort. 

To promote tourism in this region and accelerate real estate sales, DEPT® created a new 3D immersive experience in this iteration of the website. 

Corporate website, integral hub

The new website positions Andermatt Swiss Alps as the initial driver of the destination’s development, providing striking insights into Switzerland’s largest vacation project. 

By highlighting active nature conservation and sustainable construction, it emphasises the advantages of a real estate investment in Andermatt.

The website features essential information about all its amenities, including the 5-star deluxe Hotel Chedi Andermatt in the village, all the way to the gastronomic highlights high up in the ski areas. Users can explore the first-class concert hall and the golf course gently nestled in the mountains. 

3D visualisation to promote sales

The planning, construction, and sale of real estate are the core business of Andermatt Swiss Alps — and the heart of the new website. 

A 3D project plan enables users to experience the structural development of Andermatt in terms of space and time. Interested parties can explore the living space available now and in the future. 

When zooming into a marked focus zone and clicking on individual buildings, further information and detailed presentations of the apartments and penthouses become visible and interactive. 

Pioneered by DEPT®

The interactive 3D experience for Andermatt was created using the DEPT® 3D project model. This proprietary model defines special framework conditions and workflows for 3D animation — without restricting the creative processes. 

For the virtual view of Andermatt, we combined OpenStreetMap and architectural data so that the buildings are deliberately abstract but recognisable compared to their real-life counterparts. These objects give users a more realistic idea of living in Andermatt.

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Managing Director, Design & Technology UK

Lizzie Powell

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