A spick-and-span influencer campaign with shiny results

For over a century, BISSELL has been synonymous with premium quality floor care solutions. In more recent years, their renowned vacuuming technology has caught the attention of an unexpected demographic – high-income pet owners. 

Recognising the opportunity to reach a broader audience and seeking an approach to tap into various niches, BISSELL collaborated with DEPT® to focus on the high-income pet owner demographic and elevate their brand presence to families and general cleaning enthusiasts. Together, we crafted an influencer marketing strategy that spotlighted new and best-selling products.

Tapping into a fresh audience

The crux of our campaign was to cultivate awareness, encourage trials, and drive conversions within this new audience. 

The challenge lay in pinpointing the ideal set of ambassadors and crafting content that resonated. We needed credible and powerful influencer voices across diverse niche communities and platforms – individuals who could present BISSELL to their communities and generate excitement around the products while still highlighting the brand’s product range and unique selling points. We needed to ensure credibility and power in these influencer partnerships for an authentic brand presentation.

Authentic stories

Recognising the campaign’s success relied on the perfect blend of creators and content, our team initiated a pilot round in the Netherlands, Germany, and France.

We partnered with 30+ local influencers, assigning each a product model aligned with their lifestyle. We gave them insights into the product’s unique selling points to generate interest within their networks.

Opting for a wholly organic video campaign, our aim was to derive results from genuine interactions – views, likes, engagement, and actions. We let influencers naturally integrate these products into their day-to-day, steering clear of a conventional product ad feel. 

Leveraging influencers’ niche online communities on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, with a specific emphasis on TikTok’s organic SEO via the trending hashtags like #cleantok, #petparent, and #familylife, we encouraged authentic and personal storytelling. The focus was on satisfying cleaning content that showcased BISSELL products’ impressive before-and-after results. By integrating BISSELL’s distinct features into relatable scenarios, we positioned BISSELL as the go-to brand and cleaning solution.

This open brief empowered each influencer with a creative license, allowing them to inspire their audiences while staying true to their voice. The result? Compelling, entertaining content that seamlessly blended with their personal style.

How freedom drives results

Some of the best-performing content tapped into everyday struggles with a pinch of humour, transforming not-so-exciting everyday “accidents” into relatable comedic skits. In some cases, this style saw viral results, with over 4.5 million views on TikTok and a View Rate of 2,600%.

Our initial investment in educating each creator on BISSELL products meant that they could showcase the effectiveness of the products while naturally injecting the required references to USPs. We removed the need for a formulated script by delivering one clear content objective to all influencers:

Generate excitement for each product launch and popular items, creating a buzz around BISSELL’s cleaning solutions for every home. 

Granting influencers creative freedom within a defined framework unleashed relatable, engaging content. This campaign acts as a great example of how the use of a clear objective and testing framework can empower creators’ individuality while driving results.

Our A/B testing journey spanned platforms, content formats, and influencers, yielding a data-driven repository of insights. Optimisation creates the perfect foundation for continuous impact via an always-on approach.

Exceeding expectations

Embarking on a journey of surpassing expectations, our influencer campaign for BISSELL achieved remarkable results:

  • We far exceeded our 7 million impressions target, reaching a staggering 15.5 million organic impressions.
  • The video view rate soared to 128%, extending our reach beyond influencers’ channels through the algorithm. This translated to an impressive 11.50 CPM and 0.39 CPE, both well below industry benchmarks.
  • While our primary objective was awareness, integrating product impact into entertaining, platform-native content drove direct sales. The campaign flaunts an outstanding ROI of 7.09.

Armed with insights from the pilot, we’re moving forward with our chosen ambassadors in an always-on campaign. Constant testing and optimisation lay the groundwork for further expansion in key markets. 


Business Lead Influencer Marketing

Salomé Rijnders

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