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Get connected and accelerate your eCommerce platform with Mulesoft

Jasper Steenweg
Jasper Steenweg
Integrations Director
5 min. leestijd
1 June 2022

However cliched this statement has become, it’s true: the pandemic has changed everything. The way we work, hang out and even shop. During the pandemic, the shift towards online kicked into gear. With this shift, people have started to expect more and more – emphasising a flawless user experience and being hyper-aware of the possibilities at hand. But how do you get to that level as an eCommerce platform? And which technologies can aid and accelerate this growth? Let us introduce you to Mulesoft.

Next-level integration

Connections are at the core of everything we do, especially in this day and age, and Mulesoft gets that like no other. This Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) lets existing systems communicate with each other more effectively. All while simplifying the process of adding new systems and giving you control over your external systems via API gateways. The software offers pre-built connectors, templates, and integration patterns that can connect to hundreds of different types of software, ensuring a perfect union. Features that are much needed in the fast-moving world of eCommerce, where everything revolves around seamless user experiences, faster time to market and resilient integrations.

Staying ahead of the market

Due to the ever-changing nature of eCommerce, it’s essential to constantly keep up with the latest market trends and have software at hand that can facilitate growth. That’s where Mulesoft comes in. Let’s have a look at some of the latest market trends and how Mulesoft intertwines. 

Buy instead of build
Building software from scratch might sound like the premium choice; it is often time-consuming, expensive, and hard to scale. That is why Mulesoft offers a low-code drag and drop integration tool with many out-of-the-box solutions that allow you to easily automate your business processes . As a client or engineer, you simply shop around for the ideal integration – the perfect fit is easy (and quick) to find. 

The perfect integration
In eCommerce, it’s essential to have integrations on multiple levels, whether it’s synchronizing product, price or inventory data, the pieces have to fit. Mulesoft is able to flawlessly integrate with multiple databases, ensuring that you have the right data at the right time within the blink of an eye. 

Accelerating time-to-market with smart software
Mulesoft has been a part of Salesforce and by using these integrations that fit so well with each other, companies can cut down their time-to-market drastically—an important accomplishment when looking to please and attract new critical online shoppers. 

Essentially, Mulesoft is an out of the box, low code integration platform that uses connectors instead of individually programming in all connections. Add its layered architecture, and you have a unified and easy-to-use solution. Mulesoft also allows you to manage all your APIs in one single spot and enables you to host all of them too. You can bring them together and have the opportunity to create separate policies around them to garner additional security.  

What else is hiding underneath the hood? Mulesoft uses multiple functionalities in order to get things connected. The most important features include:

  • API management
  • Low-code integrations
  • Over 500 standard connectors to integrate with your systems
  • Mulesoft Accelerators: accelerate implementation processes and shorten the time-to-market considerably
  • Standardised methods: all those involved use the same working method – no rogue programming
  • Flexible and scalable in a growing landscape
  • Easy to add to the experience, no rewrite is needed

However, in particular, one function stands out to DEPT® as key: Mulesoft’s Salesforce Commerce Cloud accelerators. These are modular building blocks that can aid you in uploading the entire eCommerce configuration all at once. Essential for the new fast-paced environment that eComm now resides in.

Stepping into Mulesoft 

As a company that is focused on rapid growth, you start to uphold your software systems to different standards. You want software that works together and suits your company, your growth, and your vision for the future. With Mulesoft, all you need to do is adjust your queries, and you are live. 

At Dept, we’ve been partnered up with Salesforce for years now and know all the ins and outs of software development and integrations. Being able to connect to a low-code integration platform such as Mulesoft, which happens to be partnered up with Salesforce since 2018, makes integrations and speedy set-ups that much easier. Many of our clients, including Gant, Rituals and Accell Group, are already successfully using Mulesoft. Putting it to action whenever they’re looking to create a new product, launch a new webshop, or fulfil a digital transformation. However, the core of the product is the fact that the wheel doesn’t have to be invented 10.000 times over. Gone are the days of programming each and every single connection. Mulesoft enables clients to simply connect and exchange information at a rapid pace.

At Dept, we have years of experience setting up Salesforce Commerce Cloud, so we know exactly what integrations are needed, with which systems and how to build them to get the most optimal platform. So call us a jack of all trades and a master in unburdening our clients. Want to know what Mulesoft can do to help accelerate your business? Get in touch with our experts today and discover the opportunities.

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Integrations Director

Jasper Steenweg