DEPT® Lunch Break: Creative Automation

The future of creative is relevant, personalised, and fully automated

14 May 2024, 1pm – 1:45pm CEST


In the fast-paced world of marketing, consumer expectations are rising. More than ever, they want personalised experiences and offers.

An ‘always on’ approach to marketing automation is critical to build relationships through a series of integrated, relevant, timely and personalised communications across multiple channels.

But in today’s digital reality, it’s incredibly difficult to deliver effective, multi-channel retention and loyalty programmes in a privacy-by-default world.

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DEPT® Lunch Break: Creative Automation


14 May 2024

12:00 BST // 13:00 CEST

Enter, creative automation. The key to ensuring every piece of creative and communication builds and contributes to the broader strategic goals of your business, helping to establish and cement relationships with your customers at every stage of their journey. 

Efficiency is table stakes. But creative automation improves speed, personalisation and value-driven campaigns (at scale) to help you reach audiences when it’s most impactful. 

In this DEPT® Lunch Break, we’ll uncover the power, and necessity, of creative automation in the new marketing landscape.

By the time your lunch break winds up, you’ll understand: 

  • What creative automation actually is, and what it’s not
  • How creative automation solves the challenges of manual production
  • What brands are innovating in the space 
  • Why you should be making the business case for adopting creative automation 

Meet the speakers

Anneloes van Vugt

Head of Content at DEPT®

Anneloes, a digital professional with a background in both media and creativity, has honed her expertise over a distinguished 8-year career as a content strategist on the agency side. She is a masterful connector in the realms of performance-based and creative thinking, skillfully weaving the threads of innovation and strategy. At DEPT®, Anneloes is the visionary driving force behind the creative team, which is passionately dedicated to achieving growth through inventive solutions and artistic brilliance.

Florencia Obert

Florencia Obert

Head of Creative Automation at DEPT®

With over a decade in tech agencies, Florencia is a specialist in creative automation. Leading DEPT®’s global team as the Head of Creative Automation across Product, Delivery & MarTech, she is at the forefront of pushing the technical and creative boundaries of this field. Florencia has been instrumental in shaping DEPT®’s creative automation offering from the ground up, and is passionate about streamlining processes and solving problems with technology. She is obsessed with finding innovative solutions that let tech do the hard work.

Mitch van den Akker

Digital Designer at DEPT®

Bringing together design, marketing, and innovation, Mitch seamlessly merges design and innovative technology to enhance online campaigns efficiently, prioritising quality, creativity, and customisation. He has extensive experience in global campaigns, specialising in automation and driven by a profound passion for creative creation through concepting, designing, and developing.


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