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DEPT® & Friends Dinner

DEPT® Amsterdam

21 Sep – 28 Sep – 5 Oct

17:00 – Till late

We would love to invite you to something special: our very own DEPT® & Friends Dinner in Amsterdam. It’ll be a night to remember, meet new people, enjoy delicious food and raise the glass. For this one-of-a-kind event, we’ll transform our office into a unique setting where we’ll have dinner with 100 friends from leading brands in the Netherlands.

abstract two people's half faces

DEPT® & Friends Dinner

DEPT® Amsterdam

21 Sep, 28 Sep, 5 Oct

18:00 – Till late


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To add an extra touch to the already memorable evening, we invited two remarkable guest speakers to explore the fascinating crossroads of art and AI. Cathelijne Blok, an art historian, offers a historical perspective on how we navigate innovations like AI, while Jeroen van der Most inspires you to use AI for more than just your daily tasks.

Meet the speakers

Jeroen van der Most

Dutch Artist

Dutch artist Jeroen van der Most, also known as Most, has been working with data, algorithms, and AI in art since 2010. He seeks to utilize AI to forge deeper connections with nature, contrary to its usual exploitation. Most’s art challenges conventional online technologies that prioritize immediacy and consumption, instead connecting us to beauty from distant pasts and futures. His work blends technology, art, nature, and humanity, offering a unique perspective. Most frequently speaks internationally about his art and undertakes commissioned projects that showcase his innovative approach.

Cathelijne Blok

Art historian and journalist

Cathelijne Blok, an art historian and journalist, explored her own interpretation of feminism during her Master’s thesis in Art History. This led her to create the feminist art platform “TheTittyMag” with a team. Their goal is to foster a creative and safe dialogue about inclusivity, empowerment, and feminism, inspiring and connecting people. Blok’s extensive experience as a content creator, editor, creative consultant, and artist has led her to collaborate with notable brands like Booking.com, Rijksmuseum, and Bumble. She’s also engaged in public speaking, hosting talks, podcasts, and creating documentaries about feminism.

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