Data Science, Machine Learning & AI

For some businesses, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) sounds a bit too futuristic to be practical. But in many ways, our AI future is already here. Voice and facial recognition, automatic translations, and even the order of shows on your Netflix home screen are all examples of artificial intelligence in your daily routine.

We want to help you embrace all the benefits of AI. Our team can help you to find out where and how to employ AI and ML in your digital business. Our data scientists have broad experience in developing solutions that help you to make better business decisions and save time. We build and develop algorithms that detect patterns in raw data, specific to your business. Algorithms that are able to embed analytics deep into the heart of your organisation. 

How can we help

The way we approach Machine Learning at DEPT® is a combination of disciplines and skill sets. First, we help you to create an easily accessible, scalable, clearly structured data warehouse. Our in-house Machine Learning experts develop the tools that have the ability to analyse extremely large sets of data and present them via understandable analytics. Our data scientists and developers will build you a predictive model with self-learning algorithms, based on data that is relevant to your business. Our development teams know how to translate this all into innovative digital projects such as smart chatbots that use Machine Learning to improve customer service. 

We believe that you can’t ignore data intelligence in today’s digital marketing campaigns. AI and ML can help you to identify and target people who are most likely to be a good fit with your business, and decide which channels are most effective to reach them. It can help you to not only serve users with highly relevant, personalised content, but can even help with product pricing strategies by taking factors such as customer segment, season, and competition into account.