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Dept - Amazon Marketing Services

Ready for some cold, hard facts? One in five people gather information on Amazon before making an in-store purchase. However, this amount more than doubles when it comes to online purchases: over 57% gather information on Amazon prior to online purchase. A number that is growing rapidly. As we speak, 84% of online shoppers have an Amazon account. Being able to work your way up in the most innovative and fastest growing online marketplace is not rocket science, but coming out on top requires expertise in the field of Amazon – in product data and content, Amazon advertising as well as in account handling and sales excellence. One that Dept has gathered in-house.

The reason behind the success of Amazon is obvious; as other companies try to keep up in the online retail industry, Amazon seems to stay one step ahead. It has altered the way we shop and will continue disrupting the e-commerce sector further. Amazon is the infrastructure of trade and the first point of contact to the product data for the consumer. This goes to such extent that if brands and products are not optimally positioned on Amazon, they lose their relevance and, thereby, their market share and revenue.

Dept provides the complete operational spectrum of operational Amazon vendor and seller management: product data management, Amazon advertising and vendor sales excellence. We combine our operational expertise and implementation performance as the leading Amazon agency with the capacity, scalability and efficiency of our own software solution factor-a suite.

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