Feed services

Digital enables our businesses to always be ‘on’, connected, and on top of things. For a successful brand, keeping on top of everything is an imperative. Making sure your feeds are up-to-date, whether on social media, Google Shopping, or elsewhere, is worthwhile work, but it’s labour-intensive too.

Product feed management is essential to reaching your clients and prospects across a multitude of channels. It helps you to pinpoint your most compelling products for each channel and each target audience. It maximises every online ad and listing, and optimises images, custom labels, product categories, and anything else that appears in a feed.

How we can help

With plenty of experience in feed services, we benefit from a wealth of shortcuts, tools, and contacts that allow us to manage your feeds in a way that’s quick, efficient, and bound to pay off.

The decisions we make for you are data-driven, as is all our business. That means that your product listings aren’t just a shot in the dark; they’re perfectly tailored to and aimed at your target audience and preferred prospects. We can take care of data exports, content creation, messaging and reporting. That way, your feeds will always be relevant to your clients (driving ROI and conversion), and you’ll always know exactly what’s going on. Transparency and clarity are important values to us, so in our reports, you’ll always get a thorough overview of what’s being done, for which reasons, and how.

No matter if your organisation is big or small, we can help you with custom feed services that meet your needs and business goals. Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to drop us a line!