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Search Ads 360


As a crucial part of Google Marketing Platform, Search Ads 360 (SA360) unifies search campaigns across multiple engines and media channels. SA360 offers marketers one interface and a streamlined workflow to save management time and optimise campaign performance. Dept helps customers to get the maximal results through SA360.


Integrating with GMP

The integration with the Google Marketing Platform allows for easy campaign management, cross-channel buying, tracking, reporting and attribution across a single platform. SA360’s key features are:

  • Data centralisation and attribution: By centralising your campaigns across different engines and countries, you’ll have direct control on bid management and performance. Featuring a host of attribution models, including SA360’s own Data Driven Attribution Model, you can credit the right keywords, ad groups and campaigns in one interface with cross-channel insights.
  • Automation and scaling: Within a single bidding strategy, campaign activation, keyword grouping, device, RSLA, reporting and location adjustments can all be automated on any scale.
  • Bid management: SA360’s tooling allows bidding towards different goal types, engine accounts and custom metrics to optimise bidding on keywords and group levels. This helps optimise advertise spending across the supported search engine accounts.

SA360 supports Google Ads, Bing Ads, Yahoo Japan, Baidu and Yahoo! Gemini. SA360 also includes inventory management to automatically create campaigns and ads, data-driven attribution models and smart integration with business data.

Grow your business

Managing your campaigns with SA360 creates many opportunities, such as utilising data on product returns to optimise your performance. At Dept, we start with understanding your business and your current challenges. For each customer, we’ll determine the best approach, channels and tooling to help accelerate and grow their business.

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