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DEPT® launches AI practice, already enabling 30% of agency revenue

Isabel Perry
Isabel Perry
VP of Emerging Tech
3 min read
22 February 2023

DEPT® has launched DEPT®/AI, its AI-focused practice that is helping brands to solve complex challenges and increase productivity through turnkey AI solutions and innovative creative experiences.

With a multidisciplinary team of over 400 specialists on five continents, DEPT®/AI enabled 30% of the agency’s revenue in 2022 and boasts a client portfolio that includes Philips, Google and eBay. By 2025, the company expects 10% of its revenue to come from turnkey AI solutions and 80% from AI-enabled work. 

AI is unlocking limitless possibilities and potential for brands,” said Isabel Perry, VP of Emerging Technology at DEPT®. “Our clients are eager to leverage AI but are often daunted by the complex questions surrounding design, ethics, and operations. We give them an experienced AI implementation partner to capitalise on today’s opportunities, in a way that goes beyond the hype and makes sense for their business.

The team is committed to integrating AI in an ethical and progressive way and has already created innovative projects such as an AI-powered docking station to steer cargo ships, a machine learning hand tracking system to teach American Sign Language alphabet, and creating a unique, AR experience with generative AI collectible cards for eBay’s MCM Comic Con campaign.

AI has also been a growing focus for DEPT®’s proprietary tech platform, Ada by DEPT®, as 20% of the tools in the platform are already powered by AI. GPT-3 has been powering many of these tools since 2020. DEPT® is also integrating generative AI tools into the Ada platform, along with new ways to improve the feedback loop between performance and content generation.

Dimi Albers, Global CEO at DEPT® said, “We’ve been pioneering AI technology for over six years, helping brands like Just Eat Takeaway to deliver personalisation at scale, and Philips to analyse its data more effectively. We’ll continue to push the potential of AI, and believe it will power 80% of what we do as a marketing and technology services provider.”

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