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DEPT® is a Climate Neutral certified company, again!

Imogene Robinson
Imogene Robinson
4 min read
5 May 2022

This past Earth Day, DEPT® became a Climate Neutral certified company for the second year running.

While a second-time certification doesn’t carry the same splashy excitement as the first one, the meaning of this particular certification makes this “second-time” announcement worth acknowledging.

What is Climate Neutral?

Climate Neutral is a non-profit cofounded by the folks behind the travel gear company Peak Design. The idea behind Climate Neutral was to help companies measure, offset, and reduce their carbon footprints using data composed of research-based estimations. Although it wouldn’t be the most precise measurement, it wouldn’t be inaccurate. And Climate Neutral’s method would empower businesses of all sizes and industries to circumvent pricey consulting firms and use their savings to support carbon offsetting initiatives around the world. With enough carbon offsets purchased, companies could reduce their net carbon footprint to zero and receive the designation “Climate Neutral.”

In turn, the certification empowers consumers to shop from companies that are not just investing in sustainability, but taking responsibility for their carbon emissions. 

As a certified Climate Neutral company, we know what DEPT®’s carbon footprint is. 

Not many other businesses can say the same. 

Furthermore, as a twice-certified company, we know what our carbon footprint was the year before. This means that we’ve been able to measure the success of our sustainability initiatives as a company in terms of actual tonnes of CO2. 

Very few businesses can say that.

Doubling down on reduction

For this year, as we anticipate our third certification in 2023, we’re doubling down on reducing the emissions associated with our offices and our business travel, which is ramping back up post-pandemic. 

We’ve committed to goals that include acquiring at least one large office building that is either LEED or BREEAM certified and also to continue adjusting our travel policy to ensure that we’re taking advantage of more eco-friendly forms of transport wherever we can. 

We expect these actions to lead to significant reductions in our direct and indirect emissions, and have already seen the first adjustments to our travel policy (booking group flights where possible) cut those associated emissions in half.

Supporting worthwhile offsetting projects

Of course, it’s not all just about measurement and reduction. As we continue to work on our reduction goals, we’re proud to be offsetting our current carbon emissions through our friends at Terra Neutra. This year the offsetting projects we’re supporting include a wind farm in Turkey and a reforestation project in Uganda. Both of these projects may be actively working to remove carbon from the atmosphere but their missions have positive impact at the human level as well. 

The Mugla wind farm in Turkey will create long term job opportunities for locals and help reduce dependency on energy imports, paving the way for even more renewable energy projects like it. 

Restoring the Kitalu forest in Uganda also carries significant humanitarian benefits. In this region, deforestation is a major cause of poverty and the project offers a per tree stipend for farmers who participate in it. Not to mention these farmers will be able to reap the long-term benefits of the growing global market for carbon offsets. Additionally, the project also carries with it a health outreach component, helping educate local communities on HIV, malaria, and other medical issues. 

When we first became Climate Neutral certified, we took our first steps on a long road toward becoming a truly sustainable company. Our journey didn’t stop then, and it hasn’t stopped now. We still have a long ways to go, but we’re also proud of the accomplishments we’ve made en route.

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Imogene Robinson