Brands and organisations that contribute to society through their ideas, products, and solutions stand to make a long and lasting impact.

Through our expertise in tech and marketing, we can help you amplify your efforts in sustainability, healthcare, education, or anywhere else you want to make a positive impact.

Focused on doing good

Over the past decade, sustainability, impact, and inclusion have become increasingly important – not just as a moral obligation but as a crucial aspect of operations. It’s no longer just social enterprises that are concerned with sustainability and impact. Your organisation is feeling pressure from customers, clients, employees, boards, and governments to incorporate these principles.

As you navigate through new sustainability and impact challenges, know that you have the opportunity to:

Solve the biggest challenges facing humanity: Digital solutions can play an instrumental role in helping solve humanity’s biggest challenges – from climate change to public health, education, social isolation, and community building. As you operate in an increasingly digital world, your solutions to these challenges cannot be separate from our digital reality.

Improve how you operate for the good of the business, wider society, and the planet: Even the brands that are at the forefront of sustainability have room to grow and ways to improve.

Drive innovation, excitement, and loyalty: Brands face tremendous pressure from all types of stakeholders to practice sustainability and impact. You must navigate the tricky waters of greenwashing to market yourself effectively and authentically to consumers. With impactful initiatives, you can revolutionise how your brand positions and markets itself.

Core services around impact & sustainability

Through technology and marketing, we help brands strategise and execute complex digital initiatives. Whether it’s building products that improve lives or changing the narrative around your brand, we can help.


Digital products that move the world forward

We support organisations in strategising, designing, and developing digital products that drive positive change in the world. We’ve helped build apps that combat loneliness, platforms that help fund the regreening of African landscapes, and solutions to track the spread of disease.

Safety, privacy, misinformation & risk

We can help you to think beyond regulatory requirements and towards the most innovative and ethical ways to ensure your brand and audience is protected and secure.


We have deep experience building accessible experiences and products. These products not only comply with, but seek to go beyond regulatory standards, such as the European Accessibility Act that will require most digital products to embrace WCAG 2.1 level AA accessibility standards by 2025.

Creative, campaigns, and storytelling

We specialise in building creative content that is deeply human, authentic to your brand’s community, and sensitive to their needs and perspectives. We can also craft effective and captivating sustainability stories to showcase impact efforts, enabling you to connect to your audience, differentiate yourself in the market, showcase your commitment to sustainability, and remain authentic to your values.

Climate Technology

We help organisations move to an emission free future with emissions data readiness support, helping them implement carbon inventory tools like Salesforce Net Zero Cloud.


Using the power of technology for a good cause

Driven by a bigger movement

Driven by our passionate and dedicated team, DEPT®/IMPACT is uniquely positioned to support brands at some of the most challenging intersections of impact and technology.

As a Certified B Corp, we not only care about sustainability but are held to a higher standard when it comes to operations. And with a robust portfolio of pioneering work in impact and sustainability, we are the agency of record to help brands adapt to evolving internal and external needs.

Companies need partners across their value chain that support the sustainability demands they face. We’re digital pioneers, with the skills and experience to help brands stay ahead in their sustainability and impact efforts.

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