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Five key themes of multi-experience commerce


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The landscape of how we buy and how we sell is rapidly changing. But the one certainty in this new digital reality is that consumers and buyers are looking for seamless experiences that extend beyond the traditional online store. From voice assistants and augmented reality, to live video and social shopping, the future of commerce is multi-experience.

For brands, implementing a multi-experience approach is not possible without the right technology architecture, yet they are often working with technology that was built with one channel in mind: the web. But the acceleration, accessibility and evolution of new digital innovations has made it much more possible to quickly deliver on multi-experience ideas.

We’ve teamed up with leading MACH technology provider commercetools to share our experiences and expertise of working with a range of commerce organisations; including offline retailers that have struggled to keep pace with the acceleration of technology, as well as digital native commerce companies that operate at the cutting edge.

In this report, we’ve compiled the five key themes of multi-experiences commerce and highlighted the brands leading the pack:

1 Forced technology experimentation
2 Shifting mindsets
3 Balancing digital and physical
4 Direct to consumer
5 Commerce everywhere

Download this longread to find out why now is the time to implement your multi-experience strategy.