ghd (Good Hair Day)

Fueling beauty ambitions from zero to hero

For more than 20 years, ghd has been promoting the concept of “Beautiful Ambition” to empower everyone with good hair days. Because beauty fuels ambition, and ambition is beautiful.

ghd approached us with the goal of changing its growth trajectory on Amazon and increasing YoY sales. Our main focus was on the German market. 

Taking on big goals

In 2021, ghd was shy of the expected growth in total sales on Amazon. The goal was clear – reach more customers and significantly increase performance. The main focus was on maximising top-of-search and overall visibility as part of an overall advertising strategy on Amazon which unlocked the potential for growth.

In 2022, we shifted the investment toward sponsored ads to target high-traffic, high-search volume keywords, and benchmarks within the premium beauty category. We also paid close attention to deal periods such as Black Friday, Cyber Week, and Prime Days, gathering shopper interest in those high awareness seasons.

Maximising new customer acquisition

The beauty electronics category is extremely popular on Amazon and can especially cause high cost-per-click on generic keywords. Navigating strategically through crowded environments and developing a clear strategy to tackle this was essential for success. Thanks to constant campaign and bid optimisation, we managed to efficiently allocate the budget to cover all necessary keywords and stay on top of the search results.

By leveraging DSP (demand-side platform) and increasing the percentage of incremental spending, we filled up the sales funnel and attracted new customers, achieving a 175% increase in reach YoY. This led to a noticeable uplift in brand popularity and ad engagement, and significantly boosted growth in turn. Incorporating Amazon DSP has to be part of any sustainable Amazon Advertising strategy.

Adapting to intense deal periods

Deal periods posed a new challenge. ghd and its competitors sold a wide selection of products at discounted prices, with a higher level of traffic facilitating the potential for more sales. To put a spotlight on ghd’s discounts, we created sponsored brand campaigns featuring top products with deal messaging like “Discover our Black Week offers,” as well as deal-specific banners via DSP.

We applied the most aggressive bidding in search at times when traffic peaked and protected our product detail pages from competitor ads. This helped us avoid losing potential customers at the end of their purchase journey and drove us toward outstanding sales results and increasing our market share.

Watching the fireworks of rapid growth

All our efforts brought the brand stunning outcomes, including an impressive >50% growth in total sales YoY.

In November, we were able to reach the highest monthly values of advertising sales, impressions, and clicks ever achieved in the search account. 

The icing on the cake was the top three stylers featuring in the top-10 bestsellers on Cyber Monday, a space normally dominated by low-cost competition.


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