Changing the world one burger at a time

Grill’d is Australia’s favourite home-grown burger brand. Established in 2004, it now has over 175 locations and is known for its ‘farm to fingers’ concept that emphasises local sourcing and reducing food miles.

Sustainability pioneers

Through its Local Matters program, Grill’d engages customers in voting for local community groups, resulting in donations surpassing $7 million to over 30,000 groups and projects.

Grill’d leads in sustainability, pioneering the elimination of plastic straws in 2018 among Australian restaurant groups. Their commitment extends to offsetting carbon emissions, collaborating with indigenous communities like the Dja Dja Wurrung people, recycling cooking oil into biodiesel, and transitioning restaurants to green power.

Fuelling growth for Grill’d

Grill’d sought a partner to address challenges in scaling and adapting to market demands, aiming to boost user retention, satisfaction, and revenue across the digital experience. 

The primary challenge was exceeding competitors’ standards of speed and convenience while surfacing their conscious consumption selling points throughout the guest experience.

A seamless journey for conscious consumption

In conceptualising our approach, we recognised the necessity of marrying two priorities:

1. A seamless customer journey for new guests and for Grill’d loyalty members
2. Weaving the Grill’d core ethos of conscious consumption throughout the entire user journey

We started by acknowledging and building upon the existing expectations of both new and loyal customers, ensuring that our enhancements would not only meet but exceed their needs. By prioritising features that offer maximum value with minimal effort, we aimed to create a user experience that effortlessly aligns with the Grill’d narrative of making positive choices for oneself, the community, and the planet. 

Leveraging a hybrid app framework and a meticulously crafted scalable design system, our plan was to meet market standards and set new benchmarks for excellence.

Rebuilding the Grill’d platform with purpose and precision

We created a comprehensive solution that encompassed rebuilding key elements from the ground up while fostering close collaboration with the client’s internal teams. 

This included redesigning the entire user experience, bringing together a technical solution that reduced overhead from managing multiple content management systems, and ensuring that every interaction was infused with the brand’s mission.

We developed a holistic design system that facilitated the integration of components across multiple platforms. Specifically focusing on the UX strategy, we implemented features that help customers make better choices for their community, utilising personalised metrics and real-time displays. Concurrently, our product development efforts were supported by the hybrid app framework, enabling us to deliver rapid enhancements while maintaining scalability and performance. With ongoing iterations and improvements, our solution not only addressed the imperative for speed and convenience but also elevated the Grill’d platform.

Smart tech and a slick UI lead to burgers in your hands via minimal clicks. Relish ❤ benefits aplenty alongside Local Matter community support, changing the world one burger at a time.

Thanks to DEPT® and the brilliant teams involved in this complex product rollout, establishing a foundation for our next leap in the digital space.

Anna Pearce, Head of Digital & Relish CRM at Grill’d


SVP of Growth APAC & Head of Australia

Evan Davey

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