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Why stakeholder experience matters

Himanshu Mody
Himanshu Mody
VP Global Adobe Alliances
2 min read
14 January 2023

Customer experience has become a buzzword in the last few years and is a great competitive advantage in the future. Being the first beneficiary of digital transformation, it ensures that digital assets are optimised to deliver the best experience to the most important stakeholder. 

But businesses need to know that customers are not the only stakeholders.

In many industries like insurance and financial service the traditional channels play a big role and act as a bridge between enterprise and its customers. Also, many industries depend on multiple stakeholders to provide a complete offering to the customer.

The insurance and financial services sector depends on brokers and agents who are independent but act on behalf of the company. An online travel and hotel booking company depends on airlines and hotel owners to offer a seamless customer experience. An e-commerce marketplace depends on sellers, delivery agents, and many other vendors. 

Businesses where there are no agents, distributors, and brokers, have many additional stakeholders who have an interest in the overall digital journey and whose experience matters equally to customers:

  • Organisation members who are interdependent and deliver experience to end-users
  • Administrators and executives that fund and oversee operations
  • Ecosystem partners that provide backend services, platforms, products, and tools
  • Ecosystem partners that are increasingly becoming part of the service delivery journey

Your company needs to realise the importance of its digital experience and the value it brings to the ecosystem players. If you don’t provide them with a great experience, they will not likely contribute to your digital transformation journey.

You can optimise the efficiency of your operations if you provide a great, unique experience for the stakeholders:

  • Building data profiles 
  • Personalising and contextualising their experience
  • Providing them the ease that they never had before

If you fail to address their interests to shape their experience, they will resist the digital transformation.

With Adobe Experience Manager, you can truly integrate all the scattered portals that worked in silos for far too long. You can personalise, customise, and improve the user experience. You can build data and intelligence that can not only help improve their digital experience further but also give you actionable insights.