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Designing a visionary metaverse platform

Translucia is an ambitious project that brings together interconnected multiverses to create a metaverse that caters to users, creators, and businesses. Commissioned by T&B Media Global, a Thai media corporation, Translucia is an international collaboration with world-class companies from around the APAC region. DEPT® played a pivotal role as a system integration partner, steering Translucia’s experience design and research direction.

Building with groundbreaking tech

We’re inspired by the vision of a virtual world accessible on all devices ensuring equity of access, a place designed to reward purposeful behaviour. The challenge was to design a platform that also promoted prosperity and equity worldwide.

Working closely with T&B Media Global, we created blueprints for Translucia’s development partners, businesses, and partner metaverses to build complementary offerings.

Enabling the gift of equitable access

Our goal was to make the virtual world accessible on all devices, ensuring equitable access and rewarding purposeful behaviour. The concept centred on creating a virtual world that empowers users to seek education, experience culture, enjoy global cuisine, and interact with brands.

Empowering users through data-informed design

We developed a platform that allowed users to seek education, experience culture, enjoy global cuisines, and interact with brands. The design and technical innovations were guided by the promise of accessibility and shared prosperity. We ensured that Translucia was more than a gamified web experience; it was a space where users felt empowered, informed, and secure.

Through two phases of work, DEPT® delivered pioneering interactive design, technical prototypes, and experience design. Research focused on crowd rendering, AI-driven 3D object creation, and innovative building construction mechanics. Prototypes demonstrated single finger navigation around the world on mobile, innovative building construction mechanics, and commerce systems. 

We also undertook significant R&D, involving research in high-fidelity rendering, accessible content creation tools, high-performance AR on mobile devices, and integrating Web3 experiences into Translucia.

Delivering technology with values and functionality

Translucia stands as a metaverse platform with a unique emphasis on values, prosperity, and equity. It’s a platform where collaboration and decentralisation lead to empowering social experiences. Translucia’s core values distinguish it in the metaverse landscape, whilst encompassing a technologically advanced platform that provides custom content management for tailored content delivery, rich visual elements, and high-quality MMO scale experiences.

DEPT® played a significant role in leading Translucia’s user experience design and research direction as a system integration partner. With such a strong foundation and support, Translucia has the potential to revolutionise the way we access and interact with products and services in the virtual world


Executive Director Digital Products, Creative and Content Australia

Jason O’donnell

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