Web and mobile app engineering

With speed and agility more important than ever, digitising specific business processes is the key to success, rather than overhauling your IT systems. Updating your web and app strategies enables fast and scalable development, unlocking greater control over your users’ digital experiences.

As a pioneering website and app development agency, DEPT® can bring your dream designs to life through technology. We leverage our vast engineering expertise to provide a smooth, speedy and enjoyable experience for users, using the most efficient tech, tools and techniques.

Mobile app development

Mobile apps provide presence via a constant contact point in your customers’ pockets, meaning your products and services are just a tap away. To best facilitate this, your business needs a trustworthy, user-friendly application, built for repeated use.

Working as an independent product team, or alongside your in-house setup, we focus on stability, speed and elegance when building native apps. This approach puts customers first, evidenced through our consistent five-star App Store reviews.

DEPT® was appointed motorsport giant Formula E’s app development agency. We were tasked with developing an app that would bring racing fans closer than ever to drivers. In the age of electric cars, the opportunities for innovation are vast; meaning we were able to create a user experience like no other. 

The ‘Fan-Boost’ feature allows users to influence race outcomes in real time, while race simulators and live updates further enrich interactions. DEPT® developed a completely personalised experience with our Google Maps-linked feature, with tailored information around location and travel making this a truly smart platform.

Website development agency

Whether for your corporate site or customers, cloud-based or on-premise setup; web apps help to better serve your clients and customers when they are planned and built effectively.

DEPT® is the website development agency of choice for a range of global B2C and B2B brands. With strong expertise in numerous front-end and back-end technologies, we create website and mobile app designs that are reinforced with high-quality code. They are all strengthened by our various teams’ extensive technology language experience, including .NET, Java and PHP.

When Inter underwent a brand identity refresh, they needed a website and mobile app development agency to help take their digital offering to the next level. After being brought on to overhaul their website and develop a new mobile app, we led and implemented a new strategy to ensure their digital channels were relevant to their global audience. The renewed website and app also facilitates increased commercial opportunities for Inter, with options such as dedicated microsites for sponsors and partners.

We were also appointed as London Marathon Events’ (LME) website development agency, and tasked with developing a bespoke solution that would consolidate all of its content. A discovery phase around their digital estate provided the insights to inform a superior user experience, relevant to all of LME’s diverse audience base.

Specialist website and app development agency

If you need a website development agency with experience working across a variety of industries, DEPT® can create a solution that enhances your products or services and speaks to your audience.

As a trusted website and app development agency, our engineering team has extensive experience building world-class software applications across a number of devices. Supporting a wide range of tech stacks, DEPT® can operate as your business’s product team, or integrate seamlessly into your existing setup to help build Android, iOS, or web applications.

We can help you accelerate your digital offering with the latest technological advancements, placing your brand firmly in the future through groundbreaking techniques.

Get in touch today to find out how we can support you with your website and app development strategies.


Global SVP Technology & Engineering

Jonathan Whiteside