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Dept Talks Live - How data can help you act now

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During this consult, Cristian will give you a better understanding of how data can help your business. Because with the help of data you can discover the new needs and demands of potential customers. It can help you as a retailer to better focus your efforts and know which clients to focus on to increase conversions. Data will also show you which opportunities are available to your brand and what digital marketing strategy should you follow. Whether you are an A-brand or a smaller retailer who wants to know how data can help your business, Cristian can help you out.

Simply complete the form below outlining your key challenges right now, and we’ll schedule a no-strings-attached, 30-minute consultancy call with the right experts.


Cristian van Nispen — Head of Data & Intelligence, Dept

Cristian is Head of our Data & Intelligence team at Dept. With his data teams, he follows a simple principle: Build, Measure, Learn. Whatever platform, campaign, or any other project you run: go-live is not the end; it is the beginning. It never finishes. At Dept, he increases your conversion through analysing and predicting the behaviour of your audience and always trying to remove assumptions from the equation.

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