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E-commerce is booming and has completely altered the way we do business. But how to keep up with all the trends and developments, that take place at an ever-increasing pace? Willem Blom, Director Data & Intelligence at Dept and Alexander Graf, CEO at Spryker, keep you up to speed with the WimLex Show. Tune in for the latest insights in top-notch business practices, e-commerce, and inspiring entrepreneurship.

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Willem Blom

Willem Blom — Director Data & Intelligence, Dept

Willem founded Expand Online in 2008, that became one of the first milestones in the foundation of Dept. Now, Dept has grown into a global and leading digital agency with over a 1,000 employees and offices in Amsterdam, Boston, London and more European locations.
Today Willem is leading Data as a Director at Dept. During the podcast series, he provides you with the most interesting questions and insights about data.


Alexander Graf

Alexander Graf — CEO & Founder, Spryker

Alexander started – one of the leading German e-commerce blogs – in 2008. In the blog and accompanying podcast series, he discuss milestones in e-commerce as well as successful online business models with various guests.
He also founded the consulting firm eTribes and e-commerce software brand Spryker Systems, where he acts as CEO. He has published numerous articles and books on the strategy of digital business models.

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Ben Woldring

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Willem Kesteloo

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Josh Luber

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Jordan Watson

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Michiel Muller

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Julian Jagtenberg

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Bart Manuel

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Daan Luining

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Norman Nielsen

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Atul Bhardwaj

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Ali Niknam

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Hugo Jenkins

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Asi Sharabi

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James Murden

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Yu Wang

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Jess Fleischer

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