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Value it, fix it

The Idealistic Advertising Foundation SIRE is an independent foundation. Founded in 1967 by the Dutch advertising industry. With its campaigns, SIRE aims to shake people up, encourage them to think and stimulate debate. All to make the Netherlands a little more beautiful. SIRE’s campaign “Value it. Fix it.” makes people aware of the value of objects and calls on people to start repairing.


Instead of focusing on reducing waste, as people hear this message too often, we focused on the value of objects and the positive feeling that repairing gives. You do not only repair your shoe, but also a bit of confidence. We created 4 short 15 second voice-over videos for TV, radio and online to spread the message and generate website traffic.



The website ( was the beating heart of the campaign. The platform offered every visitor concrete action perspectives. The voice-assisted repair assistant guided visitors step-by-step through their repair and helps to repair things yourself, even if you have two left hands, no time or sense.

Google Home

The assistant was then adapted to Google Home to keep your hands free to tackle the repair. This way, in a few simple steps, users were helped to repair things themselves. And if you couldn’t figure it out, the site sent you to a Repair Café or professional repairman in the area.


The demovideo is a translation of the Dutch campaign website.


Campaign results

Now that the campaign is finished, 83% of the Netherlands think the campaign was relevant and rate the campaign with a good 7.5. And most importantly 10% fewer people immediately threw things away and 14% of people now repair more often than before.

Website Results

On peak days we were able to help 6,000 people with their repairs on the website, and with that the Netherlands was immediately able to start repairing themselves. also referred to Repair Cafés, which saw an enormous increase in the number of visitors as a result of the campaign. Sometimes even up to 200%!