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How Samsung collaborated with influencers to realise 55% fan growth

To bring Samsung to the next level as a brand and promote the exquisite quality of the cameras of their mobile phones, we decided to create a journey throughout the year with many influencers from different branches, such as travel, fashion, sports, art and music. And with the help of 48 influencers who created content on Samsung’s German social media, Samsung’s visibility increased big time. It has created a unique visibility that stands for good quality mobile photography content.

Spotlight on the stories behind the pictures

The brief was for the influencers to create awesome content in different themes with Samsung. Together with the influencers, we posted 573 posts and engaged with 1,1 million people in 2018. The 48 influencers have 3,41 million followers all together. Our hero influencers were Thomas Kakareko and Max Muench. Thomas and Samsung did 4 different campaigns and he published 130 posts. Max and Samsung did 3 campaigns together and he published 53 posts.

With 20 million people reached, the travel category got by far the most organic reach. Next to that, we also reached 4,6 million people in the categories fashion and sports, music and art. Everything together resulted in +55% fan growth for Samsung. We choose our influencers not only for their reach but also because of their quality of content. The influencer pictures mainly contribute to the outstanding and look of Samsung on social media. The influencer content on Samsung’s German social media has created a unique visuality that stands for good quality mobile photography content. With influencers we can create content fast and live from important events such as launches to be able to share the first images of a new product or to report live
from an event. Because Dept and Samsung created over 20 projects last year, we want to highlight the most impressive cases we did.


Snapshooter Program overall (Barter Deals)

We worked with 48 Germany-based Instagram photographers who use Samsung’s latest flagship smartphones to create content for their own and Samsung’s Social Media channels – we call them the Samsung Snapshooters. The collaboration is based on a barter deal basis where a Snapshooter is given the chance to test a new device after its launch and is offered a barter deal after a trial period of 3-4 weeks. Once a new device is launched all Snapshooters are invited to take part in a workshop where the phone with all its new features can be tested. Besides the barter deal collaborations Snapshooters get the opportunity to participate in exclusive events, creative missions, campaigns and travel collaborations where Samsung funds a Snapshooter’s trip in return of photo and video content.

Rock am Ring

In June 2018, four Samsung Snapshooters attended „Rock am Ring“ – Germany’s largest music festival. In order to capture the emotions on the festival, they accompanied their stay with
Instagram Stories showing some of the most prominent camera features of the Samsung Galaxy S9+ such as its low-light capabilities, portraits with the Live Focus feature and videos in 960fps Super Slow-Motion. Additionally, they had the opportunity to shoot with two bands. They also posted one device-shot of the Galaxy S9+ on their Instagram profiles. All content was posted as branded content via @magentamusik360 as this event was a cooperation with Telekom.

00:59 #withGalaxy campaign

The idea: It’s 00:59 am, you are outside and run into the perfect spot to take an awesome photo. Luckily the camera of the Samsung Galaxy device is always reliable, even in extreme low
light scenarios so you can still get a great shot in the dark. The aim of the campaign was to create awareness for the Samsung Galaxy cameras capability of producing exceptionally high quality photos in low or dimmed lighting. Twenty Snapshooters published pictures and story pieces on their Instagram channels, including a swipe up link which led users to the Samsung Explore Page, giving the community more inspiration for their own content.


Creative hacks

Creative Hacks are short and simple tips to create visually interesting content with Galaxy
Devices. Of the eleven participating Snapshooters, each one realised a creative hack and challenged their audiences to do the same. By sharing it with the hashtag #withGalaxy users had the chance to get featured on the @samsungmobile_de account. A total of twelve posts and 45 story pieces were shared across the Snapshooter profiles which attracted 60k organic reach and 25k story views.

@thomas_k #ExploreEasternEurope

Samsung Snapshooter and photographer Thomas Kakareko (@thomas_k) went on a trip through Eastern Europe and captured the flair of seven different cities. He published seven Instagram Carousel Post and 96 Instagram Story Pieces. Furthermore he published one Facebook gallery. With his photos he points out the great camera of the Samsung Galaxy S9+ and its many useful features such as its low light capability, live focus feature and the Bixby. His photos were also published on Samsung’s content hub web page. With his carousel posts alone, Thomas achieved an organic reach of over 520k.

Golden Hour Workshop

In July 2018, two Samsung Snapshooters attended the „Golden Hour Workshop” on the island of Ibiza. In order to capture their experiences during the workshop, they featured these moments on their Instagram channels through pictures and stories. With their content they especially presented the outstanding quality of the Samsung Galaxy S9+ and its camera while capturing many frames in very low light – for example during the Golden Hour just before sunset when the light is ideal for photography. The Snapshooter have a combined following of 106k and managed to achieve an organic reach of 48,9k.


AIDA and Samsung collaborated to host 31 Snapshooters on board the AIDAperla for a workshop about the new Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+ taking place on the cruise ship. The Snapshooters were promoting both Samsung and AIDA on this journey. The participating Snapshooters have a combined following of over 2,1 million and gained an organic reach of over 1 million and a total of 3,82 million story views.

The biggest social channels we used for the campaigns, where Instagram and Facebook. Some results:



  • Reach: 18 million
  • Impressions: 43M
  • Link Clicks: 335K
  • CPM: 5 (Starcom Benchmark €3,74)
  • CPC: 0,70


  • Reach: 9 million
  • Impressions: 18M
  • Link Clicks: 81K
  • CPM: 6,53 (Starcom Benchmark €6,45)
  • CPC: 1,20