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Project lead time
Countries launched

Bugaboo – the iconic stroller brand that envisions innovative products to make parents’ lives easier. Every day Bugaboo keeps pushing their products forward by combining beautiful design with long-lasting functionality. With innovation in their DNA, Bugaboo stepped up its ambition to further expand and grow its digital presence across all channels.

Worldwide rollout

A platform migration, a new design, the implementation of a brand new content management system, all in just four months. This was the challenge Dept took on for the Dutch-based pushchair innovator Bugaboo. Through intensive collaboration, smart solutions, extensive knowledge of Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) and groundbreaking innovation, is now live. A future-proof, contemporary webshop.

In June 2019, Dept started the migration of Bugaboo’s webshop to Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Since they have a global active webshop, their site could not be offline even for a minute. Additionally, the launch had to be accompanied by a global rollout in 26 countries to ensure that everyone’s child, no matter where they are in the world, can be transported in a cool, comfortable and customised fashion.


Four months to launch a website in 26 countries

Cooperation, customisation, and innovation

To ensure the short time to market and migration was possible, our team found a way between Bugaboo’s ambitions and those of the designers and developers involved, implementing new Salesforce Commerce Cloud technology, and meeting the hard deadline of Black Friday. Fortunately, unique features such as the brand new Page Designer tool, Livewords and customisation tools made the project a success. Since the brand offers a unique product that is configurable, this aspect also required customisation. For example, we developed a configurator with which a pushchair can be compiled by the customer.


The simplicity of Page Designer

Based on the Bugaboo brand style, we created their webshop, applied UX patterns, and made maximum use of the standard features included in SFCC to save costs and lead time. One of the tools to create the brand’s new webshop is Page Designer: a new feature of SFCC that makes it easy for marketing departments to create content pages in a user-friendly environment. It works like a canvas where elements can be cleverly added and changed via drag and drop. This makes it easy for websites to edit and change their website layout when needed.


Development with Dept SFRA

When building the Bugaboo webshop, Dept used an in-house developed framework; the Dept SFRA (Storefront Reference Architecture). This is an extension of the Salesforce version. Dept uses it for customers to speed up the process of migration and development.

With the Dept version of this framework, the code is more modular and the front-end code is considerably modernised. The dependency on JQuery and Bootstrap has been relinquished, making the front-end set-up a lot more flexible, lighter and faster. The basis has also been expanded with new components and classes for video, lightboxes and forms. In addition, Dept supports SFRA Service Workers, which is a crucial part of Progressive Web Applications (PWA). This results in faster websites that can also be used offline.



Opportunities for growth

The migration of their website and launch of is just the beginning of the partnership between Bugaboo and Dept. In the near future, we will be working on implementing interactive 3D models, optimising Livewords and Page Designer, and implementing new features such as being able to share made configurations. With these ambitions and plans, Bugaboo will continue to be a big player in the field of e-commerce in the coming years.

A complete redesign & replatforming where both brand experience as well as conversion funds worked out is why this case is unique. This is the creative base to handle 360 marketing and provide the same experience for all future Bugaboo customers. As icing on the cake we added a functionality where the Bugaboo team could also work their creative magic: Page Designer. This innovative tool makes it possible for Bugaboo to make and style pages theirselves, so they can offer the best premium content at any time of the day.