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Together with our client, we wanted to make this holiday season extra magical for kids and easier for their parents by creating a beautiful toy-book and an immersive companion app. This is how we did it:


Celebrating Sinterklaas

Sinterklaas is the most popular holiday for kids in The Netherlands and Belgium. The holiday takes place in early December, but kids start thinking about their gifts way earlier. Traditionally, kids eagerly await the toy-books sent by toy stores so they can mark their favourite item(s) and let Sinterklaas (pssst: we actually mean parents) get them. This year we took things up a notch and added a digital layer to the book for our client, the biggest online retailer of the lowlands.

A simple insight

Children never know what they really want. Therefore, we set out on a mission to make the decision process easier, better and a lot more fun. We didn’t just want kids to have a good time, but we also wanted to relieve parents from stress during this hectic holiday period.

Creating magic

We went above and beyond to deliver kids a magical festive period. Together with we created an immersive toy-book with games, quizzes, stickers, a wish list, audio stories, and much more. However, it’s not the 195-page book alone that brought the biggest smiles, but rather the combination with a companion app. This app, that we created from scratch, acted as a true magical wand and it added a whole new dimension to the book.


Scanning away!

After the real Sinterklaas greeted the children in the app and helped them with onboarding, children could start scanning every toy in the book! With a simple tap, the app could recognise 800 products straight away with the use of QR and Image Recognition at the same time. Kids were transported to the elaborate and playful products’ pages where they can see more images, videos, interact with their toy and learn more about its features.

Let’s get technical

Small animations, sounds, sensor input, and even haptic feedback added to the fun. We included notifications that were linked to messages from Sinterklaas telling kids how to interact with the book for the ultimate experience. This created great spikes in visitors and time spent in the app. With explicit consent of the parent, the app collected the 3 gifts their child interacted with most, and sent these by e-mail to the parent, to help them during these busy times.

Extensive research was done to create the perfect UX. Mapping and testing determined the best flow, orientation, navigation and iconography, taking into consideration that a lot of the kids couldn’t read.


8D immersive audio story

And to extend the magic even further, we’ve included a binaural 8D audio story narrated by a famous Dutch and Belgian actor. The story was divided into 10 individual 10-minute chapters that kids could access by scanning icons. These chronological stories led from pre-Sinterklaas (November) all the way to Christmas to ensure that the book was also used during the other big December holiday.


How to make parents smile

Inside the book, there was a massive wish-list that kids could stick their toys on. They would hang their list on the window hoping Sinterklaas would spot it (pssst: still talking about parents). This window display resulted in free publicity throughout the Netherlands and Belgium, but more importantly: happy parents. They could now use the regular app, already installed on their phone, to scan the toys on the wish-list and order from the online retailer straight away.

Great results

The whole campaign resulted in the best Sinterklaas sales period by a landslide. The client was thrilled with the statistics: 122,000 app downloads, 440,000 toys scanned, and an average time spent in the app of 23 minutes. These numbers can be credited to a combination of a solid strategy, the acknowledgement of an outdated market and system, and through using all creative means to deliver a meaningful and magical experience for children and parents.