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Full video views
Online reach

The road to Boateng

In the summer of 2018, people were gripped by the FIFA World Cup in Russia. JBL wanted to get in on the action of the biggest football tournament in the world and reach as many people as possible to build awareness of the JBL brand and our products.

However, FIFA’s rules are strict, and the tournament’s sponsors have strict exclusivity over using the competition and referencing its name in their advertising. We challenged ourselves to create a campaign that associates JBL with the World Cup, without explicitly talking about it. We turned to our main sports ambassador, Jerome Boateng, who plays in defence for Germany, the World Cup holders. And, to make things interesting, we gave him a friendly rival: Max.

We built a story around Max and his adventure to follow Boateng (and his favourite headphones) all the way to Russia. #RoadToBoateng was an integrated campaign, focused on digital and social that picked up the action where the TVC ended, when Boateng decided not to give Max the headphones he wanted so badly.


To hack into the biggest football competition in the world we used a story starring JBL’s biggest football ambassador, Jerome Boateng. We constructed a narrative across multiple touchpoints that hinted at the importance of football and the journey to the World Cup but focused on Max’s determination to meet Boateng… and get his hands on Boateng’s headphones.


We used different touchpoints across social, digital and display ads to build our story and make it easy for people to engage with Max’s quest. The TVC set up the premise, showing Max’s disappointment at being thrown Boateng’s shirt, and not his JBL headphones.

Numerous social, digital, display and radio ads ran strategically after the commercial on TV. We also ran the campaign videos on match day in different venues around Germany, making #RoadToBoateng undeniably connected to the World Cup and creating a story that Germans followed closely before and during the tournament, with the narrative unfolding as the competition progressed.



We wanted to reach as many people as possible and build the awareness around JBL and the World Cup without crossing any lines – and we did!

+ 1 million full video views
+ 5 million online reach
+ 45,000 clicks to learn more about the campaign
+ 600 hours total time spent watching
+ 20 million impressions online
+ 70,000 social engagements (likes, shares and comments)
+ Facebook and Instagram Canvas view percentage of 74%, far higher than in JBL’s previous campaigns