Hi Lovie Awards judges, this is the case for GANT

Going live with a brand new e-commerce system and a whole new design – in just five months.

This challenge was one that DEPT® willingly accepted on behalf of fashion label GANT.

We took a pragmatic approach to the issues at hand: getting the webshop live as soon as possible; continuing (a still ongoing) redesign project, and developing a new rollout. The result is a future-ready webshop that fits GANT’s contemporary character perfectly.

Stay curious

 is driven by the belief that one should ‘Never Stop Learning’. This concept created the base on which this successful clothing brand was built, ever since it was founded in 1949. Staying curious, learning more, and being open to new ideas and views; this is what it’s all about, according to GANT. It is no surprise that they express this belief in their fashion and the accompanying campaigns, in which being inclusive is the main focal point.
Despite GANT already having a powerful online presence, they wished to develop themselves further in the digital field. Up until then, they used multiple types of software, and their webshop did not portray GANT’s identity; one which they are so proud of.
Covid-19 has only increased the importance of a robust online presence; the lockdown forced physical shops to shut their doors and drove retailers to solely sell their wares online. It was time for GANT to stand out by giving the webshop a new design, whilst simultaneously ensuring the website stayed future-ready by switching to one single software system.

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Ready for the future with Salesforce Commerce Cloud

DEPT® started with GANT’s webshop migration to Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) in the summer of 2020. To keep the time-to-market as short as possible, we needed to find a middle ground between our ambitions, those of GANT, and the correct implementation of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud technology.
We identified that the core priority for GANT was the commerce platform migration and technical implementation. With such a short time frame for launch, we prioritised the technical delivery of the website, with the design refresh to be delivered in phase two. This helped us to ensure the design was given the attention it deserved and enabled us to implement the new look in the best way possible.

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This webshop is – literally – a master of all trades

The first webshop, created for the DACH region consisting of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, was transferred from Magento 1 to SFCC. This took place at the beginning of December 2020. The Nordics webshop is currently still running on Phoenix, but will be converted to SFCC in Q2 2021. The challenge here is GANT’s CRM system, which is currently connected to a loyalty program on Salesforce Service Cloud.

We dare to say that every type of payment is accepted on the GANT webshop (okay, almost every type, paying via Bitcoin is still something for the future). However, that future does seem to be closing in on us fast.
Alongside standard payment methods via Ayden, such as credit card, Paypal and Klarna, it is also possible to pay in advance and shop with credit. This last option is facilitated by Boniversum, a system that does a credit score check on the customers wanting to use this payment method.

Alongside the transfer to Salesforce Commerce Cloud, GANT’s e-commerce platform has also been expanded with the Salesforce Order Management System, which aids order processing. The system also helps with other issues such as “Click & Collect” (buy online, pick up in store), returns, and exchanges.
GANT: “It has become a lot easier to manage the website content and implement changes. From a UX perspective, the customer journey on the website has improved enormously. ”

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The worldwide digital strategy

Through exceptional and bilateral collaboration, in which open communication had a central role, we have quickly created an innovative e-commerce webshop that will be rolled out in 14 countries as a first round. From there, we will expand the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program further so that GANT can deliver a centralised worldwide digital strategy.


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