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Hi Lovie judges, this is our lovely case for our client


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Eneco is one of the biggest energy suppliers in the Netherlands and, according to independent research, one of the most sustainable. On top of that, the company has the ambition to make a difference in servicing its 1.2 million customers. All this comes to expression in the message ‘Welcome to the new world’, developing and marketing sustainable products and services.

Eneco is changing from an energy supplier that supplies electricity and gas to Dutch households to a sustainable service provider that offers a diversity of products and services that should help to make the Netherlands more sustainable, step-by-step. To achieve this, the relationship with existing and new customers has to be built and expanded, mainly via the digital channels. The Eneco website and app play an important role in attracting new customers and binding and servicing existing customers, making them crucial elements in achieving the sustainable mission of Eneco.


A new, sustainable world

Based on interviews, research and data, a broad team of Dept specialists worked closely with people from Eneco to renew the highly outdated Eneco website. In doing so, they focused on service, sales and sustainability. The guiding principle was that visitors of the website experience and feel the new world through user experience, and not just through words.

The new environment has been designed with the emphasis on ‘mobile first design’, with a great deal of attention being devoted to the digital translation of the ‘pop style’ elements that characterize the Eneco brand.

The 3D house

Eneco has a step-by-step approach when it comes to helping its (potential) customers to make their lives more sustainable. We decided to give shape to this by placing a 3D house on This model gives people clear ideas on how to become more sustainable, be it by placing solar panels or installing a Toon thermostat. The 3D house offers people an alternative, dynamic way to navigate Eneco’s products and services, including the new WarmteWinner and Ketelcomfort.



The challenge was to make the message and promise of the New World tangible. Conceptually, people don’t just become Eneco’s client, they become a member. And that is something to celebrate. We wanted to load Eneco’s new world with a character that ties in with a form of positive activism. We extended that feeling throughout the appearance of the entire website. The new style has a wide range of assets and colours, the richness of which defines a flexible brand that is equipped to answer the questions of our time.

  •  850,000 users per month.
  •  5,000,000 pageviews per month.
  • An average session duration of 02:46 minutes.
  • Increased rating of the website after going live of the new from a score of 2.4 to a  score of 3.2, consisting of a total score of 5.
  • Furthermore, Eneco was awarded with a golden SpinAward in the category “Best Website”