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Hi Lovie judges, this is our lovely case for our client


stars in the appstore.

Eneco app

With the message ‘Welcome to the new world’ Eneco is transforming from an energy supplier that supplies electricity and gas to Dutch households to a sustainable service provider.

A brand new app puts the key to this new world right in the pockets of Eneco’s clients. Dept helps with developing a digital strategy and building the app, which Eneco wants every customer to have on their phone.


Know what you’re using up.

Eneco has a step-by-step approach towards helping its customers live more sustainably, and technology plays a major role in this. The Eneco app is the starting point for the dialogue on sustainability. The app is loaded with useful tools, such as real-time insight into your energy consumption, keeping you aware at all times if it is still in line with the monthly advance on your annual bill. The app also makes it possible to report meter readings, adjust your monthly amount and view and pay bills .

All settled

Eneco not only develops tools that give insight, but it also produces devices with which you can actually save on your energy consumption: from solar panels to central heating boilers, from the WarmteWinner to wind turbines. The app becomes the node that connects all these devices. All relevant information about it can be found on your smartphone. Customers can also use the app to contact Eneco at any time.



In May 2017 the app had 33,000 users, now that number has risen to 180,000. In January we registered 30,000 self-service operations through the app, compared with just 5,000 in May of last year. Each self-service operation saves a call center action, i.e. €7.50. Over €1.000.000,- has been saved on service in the the period May-January. On top of that the app is rated with 4.1 stars by users in the appstore which are returning 5.6 times per month. Which is high for a utilities provider.

These are convincing figures indicating we have set up a new channel with the introduction of the Eneco app. It took only 8 months to lead to the savings we had projected at the start of the process. Because of this success, we have increased the targets for the coming year.