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Hi Lovie judges, this is the case for our client


growth YoY


Became a client in 2018 – wanted to enter the EMEA market as their presence was quite small still – wanted a growth partner to accelerate them

Goals & insights

Started by creating a strategy and divided the customer journey into phases to target and do different activities per phase

  1. Focused a lot on search and display ads – doing dynamic banners
  2. Connect phase – how to drive quality traffic to the site, follow-up strategy so careful retargeting via all the relevant channels
  3. Prospect – target people online, used specific indicators to find that out, used Amazon data, target in-active evaluating runner, to better target our ads used the full range of ads on social, youtube, display, google to reach everyone


Did brand studies to ensure that we were building the brand with our campaigns

Measured store traffic

Getting stronger insights to improve campaigns

Predictive retargeting model – based on historical customer behaviour we can predict if someone who visits the website will buy a shoe. 

Advanced audience strategy to know where to focus our money most effectively so we can exclude who bought an item for example

We are always trying to innovate – so we used some of the budget to experiment with new channels. For example, Verizon Video proved to be hugely popular so we added it to the marketing mix. 

Implemented the entire Google Marketing platform to focus more on automation – bid strategy that adjusts on their own and feed based campaigns. 

In 2020, we implemented dynamic creatives. 2019 was product focused advertising. Based on the intent of visitors we tried to show them content which could also be relevant to give the customer a 360 degree experience and tell more relevant stories to our audience while still keeping branding elements. This strategy is something we want to do in the future – put Brooks in the middle of the running community to tell different stories to their audience. 

During Corona we switched strategies to not push the item too much so more passive advertising