Hi Anthem Awards judges, this is the case for Honig

Honig, a long established family-food brand and part of Kraft Heinz, believes that having dinner with the family is the most important moment of the day. We come together to eat, talk, laugh and forget our problems for just a minute. However, this doesn’t come natural to the 90.000 Dutch people that are dependent on the Foodbank. And during the COVID-19 crisis, the Foodbank’s food supply collapsed and serious shortages became the new reality.

Honig presents LIVE EET

Honig immediately decided to help out and organised ‘Live Eet’; a virtual charity-dinner where 12 nationally renowned artists performed live from their dinner tables, urging people to donate what they could afford. All to help those less fortunate to still be able to have dinner with their loved ones.

The goal of Live Eet was to make people aware of the fact that because of the COVID-19 crisis, the Foodbank faced serious food shortages and saw an unfortunate increase in new applications because of the economic developments. With the ‘Live Eet’-campaign and online event, we made people aware of this serious problem and asked for donations across the entire country.

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COVID-19 & The Foodbank

The COVID-19 outbreak has turned everyone’s world upside down. People started buying toilet paper like it’s the remedy for the virus. Hoarders popped up everywhere resulting in food shortages in the Dutch supermarkets. This excessive behaviour made sure that the Foodbank wasn’t getting the necessary supplies to provide for the people depending on the Foodbank. And because of the economic consequences of the crisis, more and more people were applying for support at the Foodbank.

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For this project, we worked with an allocated budget of approximately € 50.000. This includes the campaign, Live Eet website production, and live-streaming of the event. All artists agreed to participate pro bono.

Together with the artists’ social posts, Live Eet generated national coverage (54+ items) on online media and radio stations including Telegraaf (5.2mio visitors/month), RTL Boulevard (1,3mio visitors/month), Shownieuws (1,1mio visitors/month) and Radio10 (2,3mio listeners/month). Our #LiveEet generated 3mio views on social platforms in the first two days of the campaign.

During Live Eet, an average of €30,- was donated per viewer. Of the people that’ve donated, 25% will continue to donate to similar causes. Of the people aware of Live Eet, 70% loved Live Eet and 27% are more likely to buy a Honig product. But most importantly, we helped the Foodbank provide meals to 90.000 people for one whole month.

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