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CX & Design January 24, 2017

Magnolia Core - The Ultimate Magnolia Experience

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 With the latest 5.5 release, Magnolia’s on-premise enterprise content management system has a new name: Magnolia CORE. Building upon the robust system we rely on today, this release is packed full of improvements, shortcuts and speed-ups for the regular workflows, as well as some new added functions for developers. Learn all this and more in the following article.

More personalisation. More power. Meet Magnolia 5.5, also known as Magnolia CORE.

With the new CORE naming, it feels as if Magnolia 5.5 introduces a new product  franchise yet that’s not quite the case. Bottom-line, it’s the same flexible, robust system we rely on today and the new naming is there to distinguish it from Magnolia NOW, the company’s new cloud-based platform-as-a-service offering.

For technical details on 5.5, you may want to view the official release notes.

Step up your personalisation game

Great personalisation is like great service: it’s a process of learning about your customers so you can build relevant customer experiences and deliver real value. The new 5.5 personalization features let you:

  • Personalize parts of pages or entire pages
  • Build personalized experiences in simple, scalable ways
  • Produce campaigns driven by date, location and demographics

Faster and better development tools

Let’s face it – developers are the driving force behind new sites and new features. 5.5 gives us faster time to market, reduced costs and easier staffing by giving our developers powerful new tools .These tools let them deliver new features in just hours or days. On top of this, there are dozens of improvements that benefit the entire team. All this and a convenient new cloud offering makes Magnolia 5.5 the strongest release to date. Featured highlights include:

  • Set up new development environments and module stubs with a single command
  • Reduce code duplication with definition decoration feature
  • Gain insight and control with the new Definitions app and JCR Browser app and much more
  • You can now bootstrap content in light modules and define themes in YAML.
  • New navfn navigation functions provide useful utilities for generating navigation templates.

A more efficient author experience

Magnolia release 5.5 has improved  the user experience to give authors what they need, including:

  • New copy-paste actions let authors copy pages, components in the page editor, and any other items in content apps
  • Moving nodes within a tree structure also became faster
  • Quick app switching with keyboard shortcuts
  • Improved accessibility via screen reader support
  • Easy A/B testing with Google Experiments integration

Take it away

Fun fact – this website is also running on Magnolia CMS, and the article you just read has been written on the Blog app, one of the 3 apps our company created and opensourced not so long ago!

All in all, 5.5 presents a big step in the right direction for Magnolia, which is also indicated by the fact that more and more companies choose this CMS as their go-to solution.

Would you be interested in giving Magnolia a first try, or if you’re already using it – updating it to the latest version?

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