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Performance Marketing October 02, 2020

Increase your Amazon Brand Store sales by optimising your traffic


As Amazon is enabling Brand Stores to be found more easily, companies can expect an increase in traffic. But how can you leverage those extra visitors? Our experts explain how you can drive more traffic towards your Amazon Brand Store by learning to take advantage of the Brand Store insights dashboard.

How to grow traffic towards your Brand Store

Immediately once your Brand Store is live, you can start directing traffic towards it. This can be done from within and outside of Amazon, via both organic and paid channels. Below are some tips on how to do so:

  • You can increase your visibility by making sure your brand by-line is linked to the store; sometimes it happens that the brand by-line is not linked towards your brand store. If this is the case, contact Amazon support so they can fix this. The same goes for when certain products are not also linking to your store.
  • In addition, make sure your store has a short URL. Again, sometimes the short URL is not linked to the store or the short URL is not created yet. It can take up to a few days before the short URL is active after setting this up.
  • Publishing your brand store will generate an Amazon URL which can be used across all of your marketing channels, social channels and can be linked on your website. The link will also redirect users to the Amazon Shopping App if they have it installed.
  • Amazon stores are indexed by Google and included in Amazon’s sitemap. So ensure that your titles, various pages and product description are detailed to help customers navigate the search results. 
  • Customers can share your Brand Store homepage and sub-pages on social media. So consider encouraging that possibility via promotions or incentives to drive traffic.
  • If you have a Brand Store, you can make use of Amazon Sponsored Ads which link back directly so a specific sub-page. However, make sure your sponsored brands keywords relate to products on that page;
  • Pro Tip: Create separate campaigns for each keyword strategy — both exact and broad keywords.
  • Use resource tags to track specific sources or off-Amazon campaigns that drive traffic towards your store. Using source tags enables this data to be detected by Amazon which is tracked within Store Insights. 

Leverage your Brand Store Insights Dashboard

When building a Brand Store on Amazon, you will also get access to the store insights dashboard which, much like Google Analytics, will show companies the number of visitors, clicks and sales. Once your store is live, you may notice that some pages generate a large number of views but little to no conversions. Here are some times to optimise in that scenario:

  • Encourage purchases by adding more product grids or featured deals.
  • Add additional information about the products to ensure customers understand the benefits.
  • Showcase your products by adding videos and rich multimedia content to encourage an informed purchase.
  • Make sure only available products are visible.

Alternatively, some of your Brand Store sub-pages may generate very high conversion rates despite having a low view count. Here are some tips to optimise those pages in this scenario:

  • Launch additional Sponsored Brands campaigns that lead to the landing pages.
  • Launch additional off-Amazon campaigns on social media or via email.
  • Make sure to add additional links to subpages on your Home page.
  • Create source tags to get more insights into the success of off-Amazon campaigns.

Let us help!

Not sure where or how to get started? We want to help every step of the way. From redesigning your assets to creating new ones. We can build you an entire brand store while ensuring the content is SEO friendly. 

Do you have any questions or need help with building your brand store into a sales machine? Watch our webinar below or contact us directly!


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