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Brand, Campaigns & Content June 12, 2018

Iconic ‘Old Spice Guy’ highlights Father’s Day gifts in campaign for (1)

A unique collaboration between two special brands. In anticipation of Father’s Day, and Procter & Gamble joined forces for a video, with Isaiah Mustafa as the lead role. The actor, who is known for ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’ campaign by the personal care brand Old Spice, focuses on finding the perfect Father’s Day gift.

In the video, developed by digital agency Dept, the iconic ‘Old Spice Guy’ appears with a monologue in a rapid pace, which is typical of the Old Spice campaigns. In sixty seconds, Mustafa provides the Dutch viewer with the do’s and don’ts in terms of Father’s Day gifts.


Dries Poels, Head of Brand & Marketing Communications at “Two quirky and humorous brands that join forces. For us, it cannot get any better, especially with the legendary Isaiah Mustafa as the cherry on the cake. We are very pleased with the end result, but especially with this unique collaboration.”

Rene Edelenbosch, Business Leader Skin & Personal Care at Procter & Gamble: “In terms of humor and target audience, seamlessly fits in with Old Spice. We were both very enthusiastic about what we could create together around Father’s Day. It even introduced a new concept in the Netherlands: ‘old spice chainsaw drone’.”

On Facebook and YouTube, the video has already yielded half a million organic views and will be broadcast as an overall commercial this week.



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