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News June 18, 2018

Dept joins forces with influencers for Signify

Dept - Philips Hue - Press Release

In 2018, Dept will be collaborating with influencers for Signify, formerly Philips Lighting. In total, 25 brand ambassadors from the Netherlands and Belgium are going to create content to inspire their followers in the field of lighting. Both brand and influencer will work collectively to bring attention to both connected lighting (Philips Hue) and non-connected lighting, such as garden lighting and vintage-look decorative LED lighting.

For seven years now, Philips and Dept have been working together for, among others, Philips Lighting, Philips Domestic Appliances, Philips Mother & Child Care and Philips Oral Health Care. Signify focuses on enlightening their consumers by informing, inspiring and concretely helping their (potential) customers. This collaboration creates alternative and innovative ways for Dept to reach Signify’s target groups.

Sam Zonjee, Digital Marketing Manager at Signify: “Collaborating with influencers is interesting and challenging because it is a job for people. That requires time, attention and coordination. It is therefore very important that together with Dept, we can work out the strategy as well as the implementation tactically and operationally. For example, a yearly plan was created, with different categories of lighting being given a different approach to gain inspiring content from our target audience.”

“With great content, we want to introduce the general public to the lighting that Signify has to offer”, Japie Stoppelenburg, Creative Director at Dept, adds. “Influencers can show their followers an interesting way of making lighting a part of their home and garden. A cool project to work on!”

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