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News October 01, 2018

Dept Develops New, Engaging Website for Animal Shelter Amsterdam

Dept x DOA

Animal Shelter Amsterdam (Dierenopvang Amsterdam, DOA) has launched a brand new website in collaboration with digital agency Dept. In doing so, the largest shelter in the Netherlands aims to draw attention to the story behind the more than 2,000 dogs, cats and rabbits that come in every year.

The new website has made it easier to find relevant information, now people who already own a pet and those searching for pets are directed to separate pages. In addition, through the use of numerous smart links, lost pets can now be found more quickly.

Koen Schunselaar, Senior Program Manager at Dept: “What many people do not know is that DOA is much more than solely a shelter. That is why we have highlighted the shelter’s additional services, such as a pet boarding, behavioural and physical therapy for animals and various workshops.”

Marion Agema at DOA: “To prevent the new website from having the look-and-feel of an online store, we have brought the unique story of each animal to the forefront. For example, the cats, dogs and rabbits that are offered for adoption now have their own passport with specific information and characteristics. People looking for a pet can also see what extra care the animal needs and whether they match with the pet as an owner.”

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