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Dept content services

It’s easy to get lost in the array of distribution channels available and what content to put on them. Our team of media specialists ensure effective and efficient distribution of content within the correct channels.

Engaging stories

Single customer view, predictive, omnichannel, DMP, datalayer, personalisation: check, check, check, check, check. Online marketers know how to manage their content. However, they often seem to forget one thing: successful campaigns start with the creation of a story that engages and captivates. And with social media on every corner, one miss in your story will be picked up and spread on the web. On the other hand, touching, funny or moving content will also reach a big audience if you get it right.

Our Dept process

Storytelling should always be done carefully. Not only via the actual content, but also via choice of medium. After all, high-quality content can be brought in many different forms. Articles and infographics, videos, podcasts, image series – our team of journalists and creatives creates target group-oriented and substantively strong content productions. Moreover, at Dept we are also realists and very aware of the fact that not everybody has the capacity to create world dominating content campaigns with limitless budgets. But, with the right tone of voice, message, personalisation and proper relevance, it is still possible to get your message across your target audience or even a bigger crowd. Because in the end it is the public that will give value to your content. That is why our media specialists ensure effective and efficient distribution through the right channels.

Analyse & improve

It does not stop at the creation of content and campaigns. After launching your campaign, our content marketers and advertising specialists monitor and analyse the results during the content and digital marketing campaigns. The data we collect and analyse is used for constant improvement of your campaign. Improving and learning from what we have done is in our core. Our insights consultants set the results achieved in addition to the set goals and deliver concrete adjustments to the strategy.

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