Web3 development services

Understand how your organization can leverage web3 and blockchain technology. 

Here at DEPT®, we begin your web3 development strategy with an in-depth discovery.

With our proprietary workshops, we can identify your organization’s most impactful and practical opportunities within web3. While we may come to the conclusion that these nascent technologies are not yet appropriate for your organization, we can guarantee that when asked what you are doing within web3 that you will have a concise and informed answer.

Our team of experts can both bring your ideas to life and take them to market, using our growth and creative services. 

Web3 Development Offerings

– NFTs
– DAOs
– Metaverse 
– Tokenomics 

AlgoMart, our open-source platform built on Algorand, is all you need to create an NFT marketplace. What would normally take a team months to build can now be deployed in weeks. Built on top of cutting-edge technologies, we can help bridge the gap between web2 and web3. 

Becoming a fully decentralized organization is a massive undertaking and something you should expect to take many years to bring to market. We can help you strategize around tokenomics, monetary theory, and SEC regulation to see whether this is right for your business. 

The Metaverse
The metaverse is the next iteration of the internet. It is a more humanistic technology experience, blurring the lines between the physical and digital world.

In this meta-technology, there is the opportunity to create new business models, forms of commerce, entertainment, and more. 

DEPT® is pioneering metaverse technology and development, using artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented and virtual reality, and platform development. Learn more about our Metaverse practice or reach out to start conversations around developing in the metaverse.  

We always start with a slow and methodical approach: governance (voting). We can help you add token functionality in the future, as you strategize your roadmap. Some functions you can add down the road include staking rewards, lending/borrowing, and VIP membership. 

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