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Google Shopping


Since its debut, Google Shopping has quickly become the single most effective way to sell retail products online via paid search. Google Shopping campaigns allow you to land at the top of the page, which enables users eyes to zoom directly onto your visually showcased product and the price directly.

The goal of Google Shopping is to make it easier for users to see and buy your product by appearing directly in front of them when they need it. The advantage of this platform is that you can easily submit all your products through a feed and can effortlessly launch new products. Dept helps you optimise your products feed and to set up the ideal campaign structure to get the most out of your Google Shopping campaigns.

Google Shopping Comparison Shopping Services (CSS)

So how can you get the most of CSS for your brand? As an official Google CSS partner, Dept can help you achieve better shopping results. We do this by taking advantage of the 20% CPC discount that Google offers to advertisers that promote their products through CSS partners.

Our Dept Process

We can increase your visibility in four easy steps. We start with adding your products to our CSS and Merchant Centre. Google will then verify the product feed which takes up to three days. During that time, we will create a new Google Ads account or campaign for you, ensuring you have the right set up and implement the right tracking. Lastly, we create a consolidated dashboarding. From this point onward, we ensure that your set up is fully optimised allowing you full access and insight into your performance.

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