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Search Engine Advertising, or SEA, makes finding you and your service as easy as 1-2-3. Because when we type in a search term and hit enter, the first thing we see, at the top of all other results, is Search Engine Advertising. And when we use mobile devices, search engine ads take up the entire screen. SEA takes up a prominent place and is a quick and efficient way to drive people to a website.

We help to get you, your product, service, or message across to the right audiences via online search engines like Google and Microsoft Bing. Therefore, we use multiple SEA solutions, like text adverts and shopping ads displaying your product. These two variants of advertising have a broad range of sub-variants, such as dynamic search ads and smart shopping so we can create the perfect mix to get the most bang for your buck in reaching your target audience.

We keep our consultants up to date and trained with the latest of Google Ads and Search Ads 360. Our internal development team constantly comes up with new features and tools, like the GDPR compliant Email List Importer, URL Monitor, and Analytics Analyzer. Google made us Certified Premium Google Partner and Microsoft awarded us a Bing Elite Partnership. These partnerships allow us early access to beta’s, extra trend reports and insights and additional account support.

Our Dept Process

We start by analysing your past and present campaigns’ account structure, search engine performance, bids, advertisement quality, and conversion power. Our specialists also look at your KPIs and the position of SEA within your online marketing strategy.

Our SEA consultants then create a comprehensive search strategy which will help you reach your business objectives. We seamless weave in your ongoing campaigns with new efforts and leverage the full power of machine learning within our campaigns to give you optimal results. Through platforms like Google and Bing, we target the right people with the right message. Need to find specific people in specific places? We also add localised, niche engines, such as Yandex for example, to the mix. By using smart scripts and constant ROI management, we make sure all campaigns add real value.

We always keep you up to date on the progress with detailed reports and discuss new possibilities to create even more impact with your campaigns.

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