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Interpreting data and translating it into useful insights is as natural as breathing for us. We create user-friendly dashboards and analyse digital behaviour to optimise and personalise your marketing campaigns. The goal is always to achieve the perfect balance between brand awareness and conversion.

Data collection

We bring all your marketing and sales data together from different sources to create a single point of truth. In order to reach this goal we work with analytics platforms, CRM systems and tag management solutions.

Data visualisation

Collecting, interpreting and translating data into useful insights is something we do every day. Our team of data scientists and analysts uses data as a key input to drive decision making and design effective brand experiences. However, data is only relevant if you understand what it means. We create dashboards with your preferred technology such as PowerBI, Tableau and Google Data Studio to make it easy to view and monitor all data. For people from all the fields within your business.

Our Dept process

Truly understanding the digital behaviour of your clients and customers starts with web analytics. Finding out how visitors arrive at your website and how they use it. A data scientist is always part of the team to ensure we look at the right data and make the best use of your media budget. The insights are used to optimise and personalise your marketing campaigns. But we take it a step further. With predictive modelling, we can identify and target the people that are most likely to be a good fit with your business. Meaning they are also most likely to convert. We can help you to target these people by serving them a highly relevant, personalised landing page based on data.

Whether or not a visitor becomes a customer can depend on the tiniest details. Your website or app can have many visitors, but are they doing what your platform is meant for? Using web analytics and conversion rate optimisation methods, we identify possible obstacles to conversion. Together we enhance the user experience so your marketing campaigns yield better results.

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